Welcome! It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how people are living longer and enjoying more diverse lives? We’re saying no to rocking chairs and yes to a host of new pursuits. But in spite of today’s opportunities, life after fifty isn’t always rosy. Aging can be challenging. Sound familiar? You’re not alone but change is possible and this blog is all about making changes!

I’m also a writer and performer. (The emotional and physical benefits of these two activities are amazing!) If you’re interested in knowing more about these invigorating endeavors, come in and look around.

Whatever your circumstances,  please share your voice. Connecting with others is one of the very best things we can do for ourselves as we navigate this intriguing phase of life.

Though educated as a painter, fifty-three-year-old Lee MacPhearson has lived her life coloring inside of the lines. The quintessential working mother of four, Lee has been the proper faculty wife (an ill-fitting role at best), while somehow nurturing her passion, Mad Dog Gallery, into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notable galleries.
Having just delivered her last child to college, Lee is overwhelmed by her empty nest. But she’s also giddy; finally, the opportunity to decide what she alone wants.
Her estranged husband Brian, however, knows exactly what he wants—Lee and the life they once shared. With his apologies well rehearsed, he launches his campaign to reconcile before Lee has even stepped foot into her newly empty farmhouse.
But it’s Lee’s best friend of twenty years, BarbYakamura, the brilliant and irreverent Artistic Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, who overflows with ideas about what Lee should do, including one that will lead Lee, Brian, and the entire MacPhearson family to an ending they never expected.

Duck Pond Epiphany

Available at your favorite local independent bookseller or through Amazon.

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