Kites and Flags on Beach

101 Inspirations

Tracey Good News

If you happen to be driving up the Oregon coast, make sure you stop into “101 Inspirations” in Lincoln City. While they also sell antiques and gifts, we wandered into their bakery in search of some tea and a goodie.

Not only was our sweet tooth more than satisfied (try their amazing cinnamon bread) but our spirits were richly rewarded as well. As we waited our turn, we watched the woman behind the counter extend great kindness to a quiet young man who clearly had some cognitive disabilities. She was patient and generous and so respectful. I felt grateful to witness such a genuine bit of human interaction.

We had enjoyed our stop so much on our way north, we stopped back in on our way home. (It’s true, we were after another loaf of the cinnamon bread.) Though different people staffed the counter that day, they were equally pleasant, friendly, and generous. It was so refreshing to simply sit in that little shop and enjoy what was happening around us.

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