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Every few days I go through my “spam” just to make sure legitimate comments, from you, dear followers, haven’t somehow been improperly filed. (Fortunately, it’s only happened a couple of times.) Nope, mostly I scroll down through the many comments, clicking away at the “delete permanently” option. In the process, I get a real look at the underbelly of internet …

Slouching Towards Adulthood



Last weekend, my husband and I had the fun of “boat camping” with our oldest daughter and her dear fiancé. What’s “boat camping”? We towed our boat to a campground on a lake midway between the four of us. Once launched, my husband and I used it as our floating campsite. Meanwhile, our kids camped on land. After all of …

Grocery Bag

Small Purchases First

TraceyWho's doing what?

I’m retired and loving it. Life without my 9-5 job? Wonderful! No more pressure from that monster ‘time’ or lack thereof. So, here’s a little something I’ve been experimenting with. When I am in line at the grocery store, if someone with less items is behind me, I let them go first. People are generally pretty surprised, which strikes me …

Road Sign to Confusion

New Directions

TraceyAsk Tracey

Q: A few months ago I filed for divorce from my husband of 31 years. (Sadly, I should have done it 30 years ago.) My adult children are fine with it, since they have always known how difficult their father is. It’s other people who say the dumbest things to me. Everyone has an opinion. How do I handle these …

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett

TraceyBucket List

“For as many years as I’ve been listening to Tony Bennett albums, I have never heard him in person. Well, thanks to finally writing my Bucket List, I have tickets to attend his concert in Las Vegas! I can hardly wait.” Image from Tony Bennett’s website: (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)


Coming Soon

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As I told you in last week’s musings, Humboldt Light Opera Company is in the process of pulling together yet another big, beautiful, magical production. Rehearsals for Cinderella continue and trust me, they have my full attention! I am lucky enough to have landed this the Stepmother role. As I watch, and participate in, all of the bits and pieces …

Family Vacationing

Family Dinner

TraceyGood News

Here’s a good news story someone told me that’s worth passing on. “We were vacationing at a wonderful beach, sharing the beauty with so many other lucky people. A woman in the family next to us was serving her family plates of delicious food. Once everyone was served, she made up one more plate and quietly carried it over to …

Women Talking (Silhouettes)

Jealous Friendship


Dear Tracey, I’m going to be perfectly honest, even though it’s embarrassing. I am completely jealous of my friend. I hate to admit this. I should be happy for her. Well I am but she is living the life I want. It’s not very adult of me to feel this way, is it? You’d think a 65 year old woman …

Sisters holding hands

The Call of Duty

TraceyWho's doing what?

What happens to two precious little girls when their parents, both soldiers in the U.S. Army, get shipped out at the same time? If they are lucky, they spend the year with their loving grandparents. Imagine the adjustment for everyone involved; parents off to a war zone; tiny children moved across the country; retired grandparents suddenly thrown back into childrearing! …


Boomer Bashing

TraceyAsk Tracey

Q: I get tired of all of the “Boomer Bashing” that goes on. People saying that we’re draining Social Security, that we’re causing all of the spikes in healthcare costs, or that we should retire and let the younger generations have the jobs. What would you say in our defense? A: Nothing! Sorry, that may not be a very satisfying …