Simple Soap

Tracey Bucket List

Ever since I was a little kid and learned about how the pioneers made soap, I was intrigued. Making home made soap –  yes, that’s what I had on my Bucket List. (No laughing right?) You know what? I have 10 lovely bars on my shelf now. It wasn’t hard at all and for whatever strange reaosn, the entire process …

happy days are here again!


Tracey Tracey's Blog

I’ve just returned from a five day mini-vacation in Portland, Oregon and it could have not been more fun. Why? We were celebrating the return of our youngest daughter to life in the Pacific Northwest. For the last six years our little gypsy has been living in upstate New York and Boston. (There was even a five month stint in …

OLLI Madaket tour group


Tracey Good News

Do you know what OLLI is? Trust me, if you are fifty years or older, you should! Founded by  The Bernard Osher Foundation, there are 117 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the country. Each program offers classes designed for their specific area and the older learners served. Having been one of their instructors, I can tell you that OLLI students are …

Dog Food

Canine Charity

Tracey Who's doing what?

I always feel bad for homeless people, especially when they have dogs with them. I understand why they want to have canine companionship – dogs are so loyal. I don’t have much money to give away so instead, when I buy groceries, I try to get a little extra something to give to whatever homeless person might be around the store. …

Turning Back the Clock

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: I’m just curious. Would you ever go back to your twenties? I sure would. I felt better, looked better, and life was so much more fun. What about you? A: Would I return to my twenties? Sure …. but only for a very brief visit! Now, if you’d asked me about my forties, I might be content to stay …



Tracey Columns

I’ve been making the same commute for twenty years. Well, it’s hardly a commute in the traditional sense of the word – seven minutes on a two lane road. The maximum speed limit is 35 mph, but that’s for all of a quarter mile!  Suffice it to say, it’s an easy drive and one I continue to enjoy to this …

Chocolate Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream

Tracey Bucket List

When my five year old grandson first heard about Bucket Lists, he gave it some serious thought. Then he told me “Poppa, showing me how to make ice cream should be on your Bucket List!” How could I say no? We ceremoniously checked it off of my list last weekend and then dove into our freshly made strawberry  ice cream! …