Dog on a boat


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We’re getting set to take off on our annual boating vacation. We have a wonderful housesitter who seems happy when we leave as it gives her, what she calls, a “vacation in the country.” I’ve stocked up on cat food, as neither of us have the stomach for a litter box at home … or at sea. Meanwhile, the minute …



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When our oldest daughter was an undergraduate in college, she had the opportunity to serve in Americorps. In exchange for tutoring and mentoring elementary children, something she thoroughly enjoyed, she earned an Americorps educational grant that helped this hard working young woman make her way to a degree. She is one of the 500,000 Americorps members who, during the last …

Coping Skills

Coping Skills

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It’s one of my quirky habits to scan my column once it appears in print. I think that’s because, in this day and age of electronic print, I am still a hands on reader. And as I read what I had written last week, I was struck by how much I appreciate the concept of ‘aging well.’ Reviewing the work …

Nursing Home

Nursing Home Negotiations

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Q: My mother is in a nursing home. She can’t stand her roommate. (The poor woman has some kind of dementia. She’s very nervous, says outlandish things and talks all night long.) I’ve asked if my mother can switch rooms but the staff just brushes me off. What can I do? A: As a patient, your mother has rights and …

A yurt


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George writes: “Don’t ask me why but I always wanted to camp in a yurt. (Maybe because, as a kid, it seemed like all of those nomadic tribes in the movies were always hauling around and setting up their yurts? very exotic if you ask me.) Now I have. I found some at a campground. It was great and I’m …

Big smile mask

What makes you smile?

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It’s been a wild summer so far. Between finishing my manuscript and appearing as the “Stepmother” in Cinderella, I have been swamped. Stretched beyond belief too! There have been moments when I wondered if I could pull it all off … sneaking fears that I might be too old for everything I had committed to. But no! I think what …

Tiny Library

Little Free Library

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I think the “Little Free Library” project is simply amazing! Have you heard of it? Tiny structures in neighborhoods all over the world that offer books; beautiful mini-libraries for all to use! “Take a book. Return a book.” It’s that simple. Check out their website for inspiration! Here’s their mission: To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book …

Coin with opposing views

Right and Wrong

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Dear Tracey, I have been friends with a woman for many years. We met when we were both young teachers just starting out. She is one of my best friends, so I feel disloyal but I need help with our friendship. We can be having the nicest time during our weekly lunch date, when all of a sudden, she goes …

Big Pond

Swingin’ Seventy

Tracey Bucket List

“We had a family reunion and all of the younger kids were swinging on the rope swing and dropping into the water. It’s something I used to do and decided I wasn’t too old at 72 to do it again. (My wife thought I was a little crazy.) As the kids cheered Grandpa on, I took off and then, splashed …

School Supplies

Teacher’s Aid

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“I can’t stand the way funding for public education has been cut so here’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of years. I buy school supplies in bulk and deliver them to the schools my children attended. These are very good schools with dedicated teachers. It’s the least I can do to help. I’d ask others to consider the …