Tom’s Shoes

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You’ve probably seen Toms? They are light weight and very comfortable shoes. In anticipation of fall and winter weather, I bought myself a pair recently – rich gray wool with a soft interior. But mostly I bought them because of the TOMS “One for One” promise. For every one  pair of shoes TOMS sells, they donate  a new pair of …

You Have Been Hacked

On Being Hacked

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Well, it happened. This website was “hacked” last week. Some bad guys, somewhere in the world decided to invade my privacy and mess things up. While I am confident none of your personal information was compromised – it’s not that kind of site after all – rectifying the situation (which was done in a timely fashion) cost me both time …

National Center on Elder Abuse Administration on Aging

Elder Abuse?


Dear Tracey, Thank you for your wonderful column. My wife and I read it every week and always learn from it. Here’s my problem: I only have two elderly relatives, who live in another state. They’ve never been outgoing and I have not been close with them as adults. I’ve sent cards and letters and left messages over the years …


Surf’s Up!

TraceyBucket List

Steve writes: “I grew up in Ohio, watching every surf movie ever made. Now that I’m retired, I have tickets for Hawaii and I already have the name of a surf school there! I doubt I’ll ride any big waves but I bet I have a whole lotta fun!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket …

The Letter Exchange

TraceyGood News

This it a bit good news for those of you who remember what fun it was to open your mailbox and find a letter or card. “The Letter Exchange” ( has been around since 1982. It’s primary purpose is to connect people the good old fashioned way, via snail mail. Would you enjoy corresponding with someone about your cat? Maybe …

Boat in garage

A Better Pace

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I’m back from vacation and quite happy to return to my normal routine. Since my husband retired I’ve noticed a thing or two about having time off. It’s taken on a different quality, one that I find surprisingly refreshing. With him free from the demands of teaching – try visiting a second grade for one day and you’ll know what …


Good bye Tattoo


Dear Tracey, The other day, my husband asked me what I wanted for my fifty-fifth birthday. I think my answer shocked both of us a little. I’ve had a tattoo since I was twenty-six and now, I want it gone! It seemed to make so much sense at the time. Why wouldn’t I want a beautiful, multicolored butterfly wrapped around …


Library volunteer

TraceyWho's doing what?

I know many people who volunteer in elementary classrooms, which I think is great.  But I take another approach. Now that school has started up again, you’ll find me in the library. I don’t think most people know just how badly library budgets have been cut. I just love helping the kids find a book they’ll love and the teachers …


Cost Analysis

TraceyAsk Tracey

Q: I know it’s hard to believe but where I live we just got wired up for the Internet. I want to sign up. Right now, I drive twelve miles into town, in our gas guzzling pick-up no less, to use WIFI at the library. I go at least four days a week. My husband, who hates computers, says it …


Warmer Climes

TraceyBucket List

Anne writes: My friends think I’m crazy but I have finally moved from Minnesota to Arizona. It was something I put on my Bucket List five years before I retired and now, here I am, relaxed, very happy and, for the first time in my adult life,  not dreading winter! To anyone considering such a thing I say listen to …