Happy Birthday

86th Birthday Roadtrip

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For my mother’s 86 birthday. I am taking her on a mini-roadtrip. Should be fun! I’ll fill you in next week! (Click here to see other random thoughts)

No Tresspassing

Professional boundaries with caregivers

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Dear Tracey, I’m in a predicament. I am a retired, single man. Awhile back I hired a female caregiver to help take care of me and my house. At first she was strictly a caregiver. She would take care of me and my house, get paid, and leave. I wouldn’t see her until the next assigned time. If we talked …



Tracey Bucket List

Stephanie writes: My husband and I have been kicking this one around for awhile. We finally put it on our Bucket List: No television for two weeks. Check that one off. (Yes, it was hard but we learned so much. We are now much smarter about our time in front of the boob tube.) (Click here to see what others …

Coastal Town

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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What do you give your 86 year old mother for her birthday when she has been wonderfully clear that she does not need anymore “stuff”? How about a four day roadtrip through little beach towns in southern California? We are off and it promises to be such fun. With time on our side, we’ll wander wherever we like, stop whenever …

Army of Women - http://www.armyofwomen.org/

Army of Women

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I’ve signed up! How about you? Read on. You’ll be inspired! “Dr. Susan Love was becoming increasingly frustrated by our not having made more progress in figuring out what causes breast cancer and how to prevent it. Scientists told her that they did not know how to find the women who would be interested in taking part in the studies …

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to You

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It was my birthday last week. Yep, sixty-one and still kickin’! I like birthdays, even at this age. My mother taught my brother and me that it was a wonderful tradition to celebrate one’s birth. It’s a tradition that lives on in our family. I decided to give myself a gift and, just because I can, take the day off. …

Dog and leash

Helping A Neighbor

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I have a neighbor down the block who I didn’t know very well. I kept seeing her dog in the yard a lot, which was unusual. Then I heard the woman was laid up from surgery. It took me awhile to knock on her door (honestly, I felt a little funny) but I offered to walk her dog. I got …


All 50 States!

Tracey Bucket List

Wayne writes:  When my wife and I retired a couple of years ago we embarked on our ultimate Bucket List; visiting ALL fifty states in our RV. Mission accomplished! (Okay, we had to rent an RV in Hawaii but that was hardly a deal breaker.) My advice? Don’t sit around talking about it. Get up off of that couch and …

The Women Roofers

Women Roofers

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Here’s what the Rutherford Housing Partnership has to say about “Women Roofers.” (www.rutherfordhousingpartnership.com) “In the fall of 2002, a Sunday school class of First Baptist Rutherford volunteered to repair the leaky roof of a house. But only three showed up – all women – to help the skilled leader.They fully expected him to say something to the effect of, “Well, …

Bird Friends

More on Friendship

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I’ve had a lot of responses to the following sentiment, which I originally posted on my Facebook page. It seems many of us in this phase of life value simple living and friendships. What’s your reaction? At the end of a recent Sunday, I observed: “Here’s my measure of wealth. Yesterday, as we were driving home from spending a beautiful …