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    Dear Tracey, The full empty-nest — just me now in a big old house with 35+ years of accumulated treasures. None of the kids are settled well enough to take some of the furniture (some from my grandparents)or art works, toys, records (yes, vinyl), and CDs. Who’s going to want all the old photo albums when everything’s digital …

Paint Buckets

Graffiti Be Gone

Tracey Who's doing what?

I had a great time last weekend. I volunteered with a group of people to paint out graffiti that peppers our lovely town. The weather was perfect and the company lively. The satisfaction I felt when we were through was perhaps the best of all. (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)

Phone Receiver

Caller ID

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: I am so sick of telemarketers. I put my number on the National “Do Not Call” list and that cut down on a lot of them. But not all. Now what I do? A: It’s a simple solution that I’ve written about before: sign up for Caller ID. You may need to invest in a phone with a screen …

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Tracey Bucket List

Alan writes: No official Bucket List here but I’m starting to see how they might work, especially after I read your blog last week, the one about making an apple pie. It got me to thinking about how I’d always wanted to learn how to bake a pie. (In my day, boys were never invited into the kitchen.) So, I …



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Imagine the delight to discover a massive bouquet of sunflowers sitting in my kitchen when my husband and I returned home from our last trip. This thoughtful gift from our friend put a instant smiles on our faces. Such a mass of bold color. Aren’t sunflowers one of the happiest flowers around? And, isn’t it an even happier circumstance to …

Heifer International logo: Pass on the Gift

Heifer International

Tracey Good News

My brother’s birthday is coming up and I can’t help but recalling one of the best presents I ever gave him, donating to Heifer International in his name. They, in turn, used my donation to give someone, somewhere in this needy world, a flock of ducks! Why? As Heifer International writes: “Ducks add protein to a project partner’s diet from …

A pond

It Can Happen to Anyone

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Dear Tracey, Please share some information with your readers about a topic nobody wants to talk about: incontinence. My wife is only 61 but she had a severe problem with it. She was VERY depressed, humiliated and felt like she was stuck with it the rest of her life and there was nothing doctors could do. She saw a specialist numerous times, but nothing helped. …

Musial Instruments

Music Appreciation

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Sally writes: I’ve always loved music but never studied anything about it, until this year. I’m taking a music appreciation class and having a wonderful time learning all about the lovely intricacies and histories of music. I think I’m the oldest one in the class. Ask me if I care! (Click here to see what others have checked off their …

Fresh apple

Living in the Present

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My husband and I have been zipping around the Pacific Northwest quite a bit these last few weeks and now, we have finally landed back home. (The dog is thrilled, and frankly, the cat is pretty non-pulsed.) The air is warm but I notice how it has quietly slid into crisp. Yes, it’s that unmistakable feeling of Fall. Honestly, I’m …

Classic House

Creative Housing Solution

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Dear Tracey, I’d like your opinion on my plan. I am a financially comfortable, retired woman, who has been divorced for many years. My two children are grown and fully independent. I am looking down the road and want to make sure I plan well for my “golden years,” meaning those years when I need assistance to stay in my …