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Get Out the Vote

Tracey Who's doing what?

I did something for this election that I’ve never volunteered for in my entire life. I went door-to-door for my candidate. It wasn’t easy but I decided it was time for me to contribute more  than my vote to the process. I met some wonderful people, a few pills, but it was over-all, a positive experience. (Want to know who …

Noon clock (with fruit!)

Lunch Invitation

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q:  Is it improper for me, a 72 year old woman, to ask a gentleman out to lunch? A:  Not in the slightest! Enjoy yourself! (Click here to see other Ask Tracey tidbits!)

Ski Tracks

Skiing Adventure

Tracey Bucket List

I’ve been skiing for about as long as I’ve been walking. (Trust me, that’s a whole lot of years.) But most of my winters have been spent in the east. This winter, I have reservations to stay and ski in Zermatte, Switzerland! I understand the scenery is out of this world and the slopes are world class. And get this. …

My Mother

Wild Women Road Trip

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Well, “The Wild Women Road Trip of 2012” has come to an end. It  was such a resounding success, my mother and I plan to do it again next year… on her 87th birthday! For months I had been thinking about what to do for her birthday. She  didn’t want a big party and more “stuff” sure wasn’t up her …

United Way

Schools of Hope

Tracey Good News

I meet the most interesting people when I travel. On a recent flight, I sat next to a woman who volunteers for “School of Hope,” a United Way program that helps children improve their reading skills. What drives this program? The knowledge that solid reading skills are one of the cornerstones for success, in school and ultimately, in life. Volunteers …

Driveway with toppled tree


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Like so many of you, I had a sick feeling in my gut as I watched the horror and devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Lives lost, lives ruined; it was heartbreaking.The countless scenes of destruction continue to be unimaginable. Yet, once again, I am  struck by the remarkable capacity of human beings to come together in the face of crisis. The …

Uncle Doctor Sam


Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: I  am 63 and getting my Social Security Benefits. When and how do I enroll in Medicare? A: Because you are already receiving your Social Security Benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B effective the month you are 65. For example, if your 65th birthday is February 5, 2013, your Medicare effective date …

Red Cross

The American Red Cross

Tracey Who's doing what?

A friend told me that the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy finally propelled her to “get off of my duff.” She had been thinking about becoming a Red Cross Volunteer and has now signed up for their training. As she put it, “I’m retired and still very able-bodied. Why not give of myself in whatever way that I can?” Makes good …

Chorus of Voices

Logic vs. Emotional Reasoning

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, I am 81 and in pretty good health. I take a couple of pills each day but my doctor says my health “is great, considering” how old I am. (Why do they say things like that?) Anyhow, everyone is telling me that I should be using a cane, my kids, my doctor, even some lady in the grocery …

Moon Jellies

Moon Jellies

Tracey Bucket List

Maureen writes: When you live in landlocked Iowa, like I do, the call of the sea is very loud. But for me, the most intriguing sea creature has always been the silent and lovely jelly fish. I finally visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. I sat and watched their “Moon Jellies” for a long time. It was magical. They …