Corn Flake

Resolution Restraint

Tracey Bucket List

Greg writes: No stupid resolutions! I never keep them and I just end up feeling like a flake. (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Common Sense in 2013

Let’s make it a sensible year!

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I hope each and every one of you is beginning 2013 in fine form. (Generally, those of us in the second half know – too often from miserable experience – that going a little nuts on New Year’s Eve just isn’t worth the fall out the next day. Did your wisdom prevail?) It is my sincere wish that are having …

Heart-Shaped Ornaments

Generous Americans

Tracey Good News

According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy website, over $116.2 million has been donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This is just one example of Americans helping others. In addition to this outpouring of generosity in this response to tragedy, countless other gifts are given to others throughout our nation and abroad. Thank you! (Click here to return to our  Good News …

Old-Fashioned Ornament

Holidays then…

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I can’t help but recall all of the Christmas Eves when my husband and I were up far too late. Hiding out behind the closed door of our bedroom, there were presents to wrap, bicycles to assemble, stockings to stuff. We’d be engrossed, trying to see our way to the end, hungry for sleep. And then, from out of nowhere, …

Gold Wristwatch

The gift of time

Tracey Who's doing what?

I finally realized  that I was always feeling so guilty that I didn’t want to give more of my time. The end result was I ended up not giving any time at all. That’s about to change. After I get through the holidays, and with the New Year in mind, I’m going to pick one local organization and give them four – …

XMas Wreath Mural

Traditions …

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I’d bet money that most of you won’t read this column today. Finding the time to read the paper doesn’t generally fit into the activities most common on December 25th. After all, the majority of you will be spending today up to your eyeballs in holiday madness … and hopefully, plenty of good cheer. This day plays itself out in …

David Hamilton Design

David Hamilton Design

Tracey Good News

When I began this blog, I was excited by the prospects of connecting with all of you in a different way. I still am. But what I didn’t anticipate was the sheer drudgery of maintaining this site – it’s just not my cup of tea! Enter David Hamilton Design. This company has been a life saver! They provide quality services …

Lemon Tree

Lemon tarts .. no matter what!

Tracey Tracey's Blog

I had to laugh at myself the other night. As the temperature was dropping and a freeze seemed imminent, I found myself outside, in the dark, in the cold … protectively wrapping up my baby lemon tree! I am absolutely determined that this little tree will survive here among the redwoods of northern California! (Okay, I may be violating the …

Wish list

The gift of giving

Tracey Who's doing what?

I like it that grandparents are weighing in with their ideas. At our house, we take our grandchildren to pick children’s names from the ‘Giving Tree’ at the mall and then take them shopping. They get to experience how good it feels to give rather than always receive. (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)