Holiday Stress Management Tips!

Holiday Stress Management Tips, Week 3

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This week’s tips are: #1 – Make a plan for the next week by setting specific times for activities, menu planning, grocery shopping, etc. Then, stick to it. #2 – Include “down time” in those plans – you’ll be better for it! #3 – If you have to say ‘yes’ to something (an unexpected social invitation, overtime at work) say …

XMas Palm Trees

HO, HO, HO Hawaii!

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Sherry writes: It’s simple – Christmas in Hawaii! (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Statue with Gull

No romantic interest co-worker

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Dear Tracey, My company holiday party is coming up and I don’t know what to do. One of my co-workers, a very nice man, has seems to have a crush on me. His wife died two years ago. He’s so sad and lonely. He’ll say things that make me very uncomfortable, like complimenting my blouse or telling me what a …

XMas Ornament

Holiday Treasures

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Like many of you, we put up our Christmas tree last weekend. It occurred to me that each year it feels like it takes longer and longer. At first I wondered if it was because we were another year older. (What will we do when we can’t climb up into the attic? Put that on my long term planning list!) …



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‘Kids In Need of Desks’ is the joint effort of Unicef and MSNBC’s ‘The Last Word.” It’s goal? To help educate the children of Malawi. The premise is simple: kids learn better if they are comfortably positioned to learn … rather than sitting on the floor for up to seven hours a day. Though donations totaling $4.5 million dollars, more …


Sharing traditions

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My son is dating a lovely young woman who is Jewish. We are Catholics. (If he has any sense he’ll ask her to marry him!) We will be having them over for Christmas dinner but I want her to feel her religion is honored. Even though Hanukkah ends on December 16th this year, I called her and asked if she …

Holiday Stress Management Tips!

Holiday Stress Management Tips, Week 2

Tracey Ask Tracey

This week’s tips are: #1 – If you will be traveling, simplify, simplify, simplify! Pack light and take your time coming and going. #2 – If you are shipping  packages, sooner is better than later. Set up a corner in your house for all wrapping materials or, if you can afford it, utilize the many different shipping options stores offer. …


Once in a lifetime …

Tracey Bucket List

Bob writes: I always wanted a luxury car but as the father of four, I could never afford one. But on a recent trip to Los Angeles, with my Bucket List burning a hole in my brain,  I rented a convertible Porsche. I spent one entire day cruising the coast. Top down, warm breeze, exhilarating ride. Worth every penny! (Click …


What holiday spirit?

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Dear Tracey, I’ve been reading your column for years. You have always struck me as a level headed person. I always like your perspective on things. So, I wonder just how you approach the holiday season? Has it changed since you’ve aged? What do you do now that maybe you didn’t do when you were raising kids? I ask because …

Gift Book


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I’m one of those people who likes to give gifts, thoughtful, meaningful things that let the other person know I truly ‘get’ them.  Sometimes I buy these treasures, sometimes I craft them but what I always aim for is a gift that somehow the reflects the recipient. These gifts aren’t usually expensive and that’s the best part. With a little …