#Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday

Tracey Good News

Darn, I missed this but there’s no reason I can’t incorporate the practice somewhere into the month! Check it out: http://givingtuesday.org (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)

Charity Navigator

Charity Tradition

Tracey Who's doing what?

Our grandkids will be coming over this weekend for our annual charity gift giving with them. It works like this. Each year we “give” them $25 to donate to a charity. We all sit down at the computer and go over various organizations that they might like to support. (We use www.charitynavigator.org for ideas.) Over hot chocolate and cookies, we talk about …

Holiday Stress Management Tips!

Holiday stress management tips!

Tracey Ask Tracey

December is one of the most stressful months we face and it needn’t be. Each week I’ll be posting tips that will help you remember what this season is supposed to be about! #1 – Evaluate your budget NOW! Include all of the little extras that pop up this month and then decide exactly what you will spend. Wouldn’t it …

Bare XMas Tree

Christmas Tree

Tracey Bucket List

Jean writes: I live in the city and I have always bought my Christmas tree from a lot. Not this year. A friend and I drove to the mountains and cut down our own tree. Wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but it sure was one of the most enjoyable. It was a great day. (Click here to see …

Bear Ornament

“Grinch” status?

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Dear Tracey, This is not a happy letter and that’s a real no-no this time of year. It’s fine if you don’t answer it but I want to get something off my chest. Am I the only one who hates Christmas? I know everyone makes fun of “Grinches” but I think this is a ridiculous holiday – the greed, the …