harvest vegetables

Hidden Harvest

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“Hidden Harvest,” an innovative California organization,  has a simple yet critically important mission: “to glean or “rescue” produce from Coachella Valley fields and packing houses.” This food, which would normally go to waste, is harvested by experienced farm workers who are paid by Hidden Harvest. The food is then distributed to over 60 organizations who  then assist low and fixed income …

big brothers big sisters

A Happy “Big Sister”

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I have always been interested in the Big Brother/Big Sister program but honestly, I was hesitant to commit to that much each time every week. (The last thing I ever wanted would have been to disappoint a child by not having enough time.) But now I am retired and being a ‘Big Sister’ is one of the highlights of my …

italy map

The Homeland

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Both of my parents came to this country from Italy. They were never able to return to see any of their extended families and this was something that made them sad for their entire lives. They both passed away a few years ago. But in their honor, and to remind myself that life is for living, I have just made …

chinese flag

China? Yes!


Dear Tracey, Unfortunately, a good friend of mine fell and broke her hip. She is out of commission for some time. Sadly, this means she will miss her trip to China. But she wants me to buy her tour package at a discount, so “it won’t go to waste.” (She checked with the company and they are fine with this.) …

Sunny Lake Shore


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This time of year, people around this part of the world typically yearn for sunshine and warmth. Some take off for Mexico while others shoot across the Pacific to Hawaii. No matter what direction, the goal is always the same – warmth and plenty of clear, blue sky. Can you blame them? For those of you who live beyond the …

Upside-Down Cat


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Just a little reminder, one worth repeating: laughing is good for us! It’s free, doesn’t take any special equipment, can be done alone or shared with a crowd, and it very well may have medicinal properties. Look for opportunities to laugh, watch funny movies, seek out positive people, hang out with your grandchildren – laughter is all around us and it’s free …

A Clean Crosswalk

Neighborhood clean-up

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Bob writes: I read about the National Day of Service but  I’m not much of a joiner so I didn’t know what to do. Then I thought about all of the trash I see when I take my walk. It was pretty easy to just pick it up that day. Might do it regularly from now on. (Want to know …

Grey-Haired and Smiling

Going natural?

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Q: I have been coloring my hair for years and I am sick of it – the time, effort, and expense is too much. DO you think I should let it go gray? A:  Women have told me that allowing their hair to go gray after years of dying it was one of the most liberating things they have done! …


My first two-wheeler

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Stella writes: Don’t laugh but I have finally done something I never thought I could ever do. I learned how to ride a two wheeler bike. (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Pink Rose

A life of their own …


Dear Tracey, I had the most upsetting phone call from my daughter last night. I woke up this morning with such a heavy heart. I hope you can tell me how to handle her decision. She and her husband of five years have decided to not have children. They live in Chicago and have very demanding careers that they love. …