Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Tracey Bucket List

Sharon writes:   I checked off my very first Bucket List item on January 1, 2013. I made sure I was in snow country so I could walk among the beauty and silence of Mother Nature. It was a lovely experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who has always lived in the sunbelt, as I have. (Click here to …

Organized Pantry

Confessions of an Everything Out, Right Angler!

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Somewhere between Christmas and New Years, I woke up with the urge to clean out my kitchen pantry. Crazy, huh? Well, maybe not-so-crazy for those of you who live tidy lives but for me, it was a bit of a moment. Let me clarify. If you walked into my home, you’d think I was an extremely tidy soul. (And actually …


Welcome to 2013

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It’s a New Year! Here’s to making it a good one! (Click here to see other random thoughts)