Crow's Feet

The eyes have it!

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I read a headline the other day that caught my eye – no pun intended: “Smile! Crows feet make you look clever and more attractive.” The words jumped off of the monitor and stopped me in my tracks. Since when did wrinkles become a thing of beauty? I thought there was a war on wrinkles. Weren’t we all supposed to …

AFS Exchange

AFS Exchange

Tracey Who's doing what?

Gayle writes: More than a dozen years ago, at age 47, I became a ‘parent’ for the first time! I had agreed to host an AFS exchange student, a girl from Bolivia, for the school year. Since then I have happily been ‘mom’ to 5 others, as well as a liaison, driver, chaperone, etc for many others every year since. …

The Grindstone

Back to work?

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: I’ve been retired for four years and I don’t like it. I have an opportunity to go back to work part-time. Do you think I should? A: Many people, after a few years of retirement, discover that a part-time job is exactly what they are missing. So, I’ll give you a qualified “yes” on this question as long as …

Knitting Supplies


Tracey Bucket List

Dorothy writes:  I’m finally taking a knitting class. I know, I know – all grandmothers are already supposed to know how to knit. But, thanks to my Bucket List, I say it’s never too late. (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Fluffy Heart

What to do?

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Dear Tracey, I have been a widow for ten years. My husband was very special and losing him was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced. I have worked hard to move on with my life. Part of how I’ve managed is thorough friendships with a wonderful bunch of women, all of whom are single. We have monthly …

Duck Pond Epiphany Cover

It’s wise to ask for help

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I have been having such fun since my book, Duck Pond Epiphany, was picked up for publication. There have been so many details to check off before the launch in another couple of months but we are nearly there. What I have particularly enjoyed about this current process is how much I have been learning. While I have years of writing columns …

Capital Insurance Group

The Protector Network

Tracey Good News

This week’s nod goes to Capital Insurance Group and their commitment to providing safety tips for us all. Check out what they are doing at “The Protector Network.” ( You’ll find advice on everything from how to be ready for disasters to dealing with aggressive drivers. This is public service at its best! (You might also be interested in visiting …

happy egg people

Funny eggs, happy neighbor

Tracey Who's doing what?

Rose writes: I don’t think this is exactly what you usually get in response to “Who’s Doing What?” but I had to pass it on. I keep an eye on my elderly neighbor down the street, picking up groceries, doing errands. etc. She recently asked me to get her a dozen eggs. Before I put the carton into her fridge, …

Disc and Remote

Exercise Options

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: I know I should exercise but I am extremely overweight. I can’t bring myself to walk into a gym. What do I do? A: I’m glad you are approaching this issue. The gym isn’t for everyone, myself included. Personally, I love my collection of exercise DVDs. I can pop one in whenever it’s convenient and have total privacy while …

Honeymoon at Iguazu

Iguazu Falls

Tracey Bucket List

Carol writes: My husband and I have recently returned from visiting Argentina’s Iguazu Falls! It was a trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend it. TBP responds: Visiting Iguazu Falls has to be one of the most memorable places my husband and I have ever visited! (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)