Long gray hair

Happy being gray

TraceyBucket List

Susan writes: “I have always wanted to see if ‘blondes have more fun.” (Those of you old enough will remember that saying!) I can’t say I’ve noticed any huge leap in the fun department,however it has been a great experiment. (My grandchildren were stunned!) But wow, keeping up with those roots? I’m going back to my natural gray, happy to …

Sincere thanks

Thank you!


Though my dear Granny has been gone for many years, I still recall the countless things she taught me and my brother. Everything from how to spit off a bridge, a revelation that horrified our poor mother, to how to make alterations when sewing. (“It’s easy” she’d say, “just take in a gob.”) But don’t be fooled. My Granny was …

Party streamers

It’s a party!

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If you live in my neck of the woods, I am excited about sharing my newest writing endeavor with you. Please join me as we celebrate the publication of “Duck Pond Epiphany” with a book signing on Saturday, May 4, from 6-9 p.m. at the beautiful Sewell Gallery, in Eureka. (To read a synopsis, simply click on the image of …

Dreamy cloudscape

Turn dreams into realities

TraceyGood News

As reported in The Palm Beach Post: “That stereotype of a 21st century entrepreneur as a swashbuckling 20-something hipster with a hoodie? Swap it for an image of a boomer in relaxed-fit Dockers reaching for reading glasses. Boomers started nearly half of all new U.S. businesses last year, according to the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, which tracks entrepreneurship. The …

Pitch in for baseball

Pitch in for Baseball

TraceyGood News

It’s springtime and that means baseball season is upon us. And thanks to the good folks at “Pitch in for Baseball,” countless kids who might otherwise be sitting this season out, are in the happy throws of another season. (Yes, pun intended!) Here’s how this generous organization describes itself: “Pitch In For Baseball spreads America’s pastime to kids all over …

Homemade pizza

First, pizza … then Italy!

TraceyBucket List

Owen writes: “I decided to take an Italian cooking class. I learned a few things, met great people, drank some delicious wine, and decided the next thing on my Bucket List will be a trip to Italy.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Potted herbs

Endless information

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This just in from the United Kingdom (!) … a whiff of rosemary helps your memory! Even better, simply inhaling the essential oil from the herb can increase your memory by 60-75 percent. Sign me up! However, today’s ramblings aren’t exactly about sniffing essential oils, though I am intrigued by this study.  No, today you find me contemplating my love …

Brunch for Two

A “first date” after 30 years


Dear Tracey, My husband died five years ago and I have spent a considerable amount of time just getting through the days. (The nights were even worse.) My kids and grandkids have been wonderful, so have my friends and co-workers. What a battle loss is. But I finally think I am on my way to a different life. Part of …

Stack of numbers

How to Age Gracefully In Ten Easy (or not so easy) Steps


1) Age is a number: If you believe that your age defines you, it will. Try not to let those little digits represent who you are. It’s really about how you feel about yourself that is a much better definition of your age. 2) “If you’re not where you’re at, you’re nowhere!” Do you remember wonderful old Col. Potter from …

Red vest

Change … or not.

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It seems to me that one of the greatest hurdles we face as we age is the tendency to get stuck. Over time, we do things the same way over and over again … just because we always have. We hold on to ideas adopted in our youth … just because we always have. We go places, like things, prefer …