Glaring egghead lineup

Staying out of the middle


Dear Tracey, I hope you can help me make my daughter feel better. Right now, she’s all upset with everyone in the family and I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong. Our son, who is a few years older than our daughter, invited us to join him, his wife, and their two little children in the fall for a two …

Wild flowers

Time to celebrate

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I’m taking a week off  and here’s why. When I signed with my publisher at the end of last summer, I was thrilled! But I also recall asking for one thing … that book business not happen during May. Why? Our wonderful first born and her beloved partner – a dear man whom we all adore – would be getting …

Art Place America 2013/2014 Grants

In our own backyard!

TraceyGood News

ArtPlace America  ( is a dedicated association of regional and national foundations, banks, and federal agencies who are committed to “putting art at the heart of a portfolio of strategies designed to revitalize communities.”  This year they received over 1,200 applications from throughout the fifty states. They awarded 54 grants, one of which is making its way to our very …

Pink nail polish

Too, too pink!

TraceyBucket List

Alice writes: “This is silly, I know, but I’ve never, ever worn bright nail polish and last weekend I did. It was my friend’s 65th birthday and I  thought, why not?! I slathered on “Too, too hot” and had a great time!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Highway driving

A dream trip

TraceyBucket List

It’s my turn to share someone’s Bucket List. A dear woman I have been singing with for years, Mary Ellen, is about to retire to Florida. I’ve never asked her age but yes, she’s up there. She’s also full of energy and has a true adventurer’s spirit. She told me that she has never been across the country so she …

Textile art

You can do it!


Dear Tracey, I read your column and your blog faithfully – I love how you approach life. You’re  so upbeat and active. Could you bottle this because I’d buy the first case! I have led a pretty restrained life, always trying to do the right and/or proper thing, be a lady. I’ve had some dreams but never realized them. I …

Silk scarf

A positive experience

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My daughter’s wedding is just around the corner – what a happy occasion it will be for all of us! She is marrying a gem of a man! We couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve been busy checking off details, like making necklaces for all of the little girls in the wedding party. (They are going to be amazing, this lively …

Cell phone text screen

Power down!

TraceyGood News

It’s simple – this saves lives and that’s good news! “There’s one message we hope everyone receives loud and clear: the safest way to get from one place to another is to hang up and drive. Powering down your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel can save lives – maybe even your own.” Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation …

British flag

Should she, or shouldn’t she?


Dear Tracey, My friend has asked me to join her in September on a “coach tour” of England. I can’t decide what to do. I’ve never traveled out of the country, let alone as a single woman. It all seems so different and so hard. I worry about how to manage the currency and if I will understand the language …

Smart phone

Yes, they are smart phones

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I have to admit that I’m one of these people who is pretty enamored of my smart phone. Fortunately, I can also say that I am not totally addicted to it. While I fully appreciate it as a piece of very functional technology, I’m also quite happy to turn the darned thing off when I want a break from the …