America's Cup

Sail away!

Tracey Bucket List

Charlie writes: I’ve spent my life sailing. Little boats, nothing fancy but it’s been a great way to spend my free time. I decided to treat myself to the ultimate race. I’ve booked a trip to San Francisco, CA  so I can watch the America’s Cup! I can hardly wait.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their …

Do Good

The Do Good Bus

Tracey Good News

Oh, I really want to do this! If only I lived in Los Angeles. But at least we can spread the word because this approach to doing good could catch on all over the nation. Here’s the description of this clever and enthusiastic program:  “The Do Good Bus is an opportunity to get involved and help your community. Just get on the …

Flower bouquet

Better than first place

Tracey Bucket List

Bill writes:  “For years, people have been telling me  I make great chili. I thought I’d go for an objective opinion, so I entered it in a local chili contest. This has been on my Bucket List for years. Ok, so I didn’t win first place. Fact is, I didn’t even get an honorable mention but you know what? They …

Spring flowers


Tracey Tracey's Blog

Spring is here and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The new leaves, bright blooms, and all of this blessed sunshine – it feeds the soul. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest a lifetime ago, many of my San Diego friends thought I was nuts. Why, they wondered, would I ever leave the near perfect climate that part of the …

Colored wrappers

Happy Mother’s Day

Tracey Columns

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to give myself a week off from writing. So, you ask, what am I doing here? I thought it might be good to share one of my most well received columns – one that reminds all of us that, attitude is everything. Experienced mother’s might already be well versed in this; spilled milk …