Drive-in movie

Drive-in Movie

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Sally writes: “It’s been years since I’ve been to a drive-in movie. Remember how fun they were? Well, on our cross country trip, my husband and I decided to see if we could find any drive-ins. We did, all over the place! Here’s a helpful website if others are looking to check this off of their Bucket Lists … or …

Life Needs Art!

The Ashland Art Center

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I recently had a book signing at The Ashland Art Center, which is both an innovative co op of artists, as well as an important resource for art experiences and education in the beautiful town of Ashland, Oregon. It was especially refreshing to work with their Education Director, the enthusiastic and creative Kara Q. Lewis. Not only does this woman …

Spiral parasols

A Live Look at Life After Fifty


Once upon a time, I had this idea … I would put on my very own show! It would be inspired by the letters and emails I get from you, dear readers. I imagined writing a script that would be thought provoking and funny. Mostly, funny. There would be music, singing, and even some dancing. (Remember, this is a comedy!) …

Arcata Playhouse

It’s Showtime!

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These days, I am filling up every waking minute with rehearsals for my two woman, one act musical, “The Second Half, A Lively Look at Life After Fifty.” (Read this week’s ‘The Second Half’ for more information.) If you live in the area or if you happen to be traveling through beautiful, friendly Arcata, CA on Sat., June 29, won’t you …

Gratitude Prayers: Prayers, Poems, and Praise for Everyday Thankfulness by June Cotner



By the time we begin our second half, most of us have figured out that life is a non-stop series of ups and downs. Right? You’re cruising along without a care in the world and then WHAM, something comes along and takes the wind right out of your sails. Consequently, I make a real effort to relish the good times. …

Outdoor gathering

On being present

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It’s tempting to drone on about my daughter’s wedding. (See this week’s Second Half column.) Yes, it was that special! But I have to mention one tiny decision our bride and groom made, as it was certainly not an issue for wedding ceremonies just a short while ago. At the beginning of the ceremony, their officiant asked the gathered family …

Lemon pie

#9 – Pie. Check!

TraceyBucket List

Last week, I told you about finally growing lemons in the Pacific Northwest, my Bucket List item #8. This week, Bucket List item #9 is checked off, and here’s the proof: one lemon meringue pie. (So, okay, I had to cheat … my lemons were so tiny they might have made a mini tart at best. But there’s always next …

Violin and flute

Revolution of Hope

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I strongly believe that involvement in music helped guide each of our three children to the success they now enjoy as adults. So it’s only natural that I would be drawn to a story about bringing music to kids, especially one as inspiring as this. World class violinist, David France took to the subways of Boston. Appreciative commuters dropped money …

First lemons

Finally … Lemons

TraceyBucket List

My Bucket List item #8 is officially checked off! I think I mentioned last winter that I was determined to grow lemons here in the Pacific Northwest. Done! While hardly a bumper crop, I hope to get at least one delicious pie out of this first harvest! (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)


Working Vacation


My column will return next week as I continue to be on vacation … sort of! Thanks for your understanding. (Click here to return to The Second Half online archives)