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Pure inspiration

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At just barely sixteen, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for education advocacy, is wonderfully wise beyond her years. Ready to be inspired? Watch her recent speech at the United Nations! (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)

Appalachian stream

Appalachian Trail

Tracey Bucket List

Michael writes: “I just finished hiking my first section of the Appalachian Trail. Don’t know if I’ll ever make it all the way to the end but I also don’t really care if I do. I simply plan on enjoying every step I ever take on the beautiful A.T. because, after all, it really is about the journey!” (Click here …

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Now what?

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Dear Tracey, My mother is 89 and lives alone in another state. She is very independent! She stopped driving a few years ago (she still hasn’t forgiven us) and uses a senior ride service for necessities. She hates the local senior center, refusing to “hang out with old people” as she says. When we talk on the phone, she is …

When I'm an old lady, I don't want people to say "Oh, what a sweet little old lady." I want them to say "Oh, Hell. What is she up to now?"

Invisible Older Women

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I recently stumbled upon a disturbing report that spoke to one of my concerns; the reality that “older women” tend to invisible in our culture. No, not that we simply disappear off of the side- walk; that would be a real Sci Fi classic. But in studies conducted by the Revera Seniors Services and the International Federation on Aging,  after …

Plastic recycling

Ingenuity, anyone?

Tracey Good News

Our friends across the pond, are reporting some very good news; more and more, manufacturers are turning to using recycling technology for product development. How about a bicycle that transforms discarded plastic bottles into plastic thread, with multiple uses? Or taking those same bottles to manufacture contemporary, origami style lighting fixtures? Check it out at: (Click here to return to …

Clown nose

Clowning around

Tracey Bucket List

Robert writes: “ I did it! I successfully completed a week long intensive in learning how to be a clown! Watch out world … a 66 year old, happier-than-humanly-possible clown may be at your grandchild’s next birthday party!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

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Oh happy day!

Tracey Columns

My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and by our definition, it was the perfect party. We took ourselves, our loyal mutt, and our boat up to the lake. The goal? To enjoy each other and this special occasion. The weather was beautiful, the water warm, and the lake practically deserted. Simple, healthy food …

Paper Rose


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By way of explaining my column this week, please understand that honesty has always been my best policy. It isn’t always easy, it isn’t always comfortable, and the decision to be honest may sometimes need to be cleared with others. Given all of this, I absolutely trust that ultimately, direct communication, delivered with respect and regard, can work magic. It …

Golden Harvest symbol

Golden Harvest

Tracey Good News

One of our special weekend activities is to head into our favorite eatery, Golden Harvest, to enjoy a delightful breakfast. Always jumping with like minded patrons, we are all happy to treat ourselves to a great start to our day. The food is reliably healthy and fresh. But the thing I enjoy even more than the great meal is the …

Floral bouquet

Trying new things!

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, I’m an old dog who has learned some new tricks. Last year, at 78, I started taking a yoga class and I absolutely love it. It isn’t always easy but I feel just great when I am done. Sometimes I even feel a little giddy – it’s wonderful. Honestly, I always thought yoga was left over from all …