Cake-decorating tools

Cake decorating

Tracey Bucket List

Patty writes: “When I was a child, I was fascinated by how the bakery decorated such beautiful cakes. I alway thought it would be fun to learn how it was done but it seemed like I was always too busy. Retirement gave me the time I wanted and now I decorate cakes all of the time for family and friends. …

Performance outfit

The show must go on!

Tracey Tracey's Blog

Well, well, well … did I have the experience of a lifetime or what? You know that two women show I was telling you about recently, the one that jumped directly off of my Bucket List? The one that’s comprised of a script and song lyrics I co-wrote?  The one I was happy to perform  June 29, as a fundraiser …

Mug of tea

Worry less, enjoy more

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, I’ve always worried too much. I remember being a little girl and my mother would tease me about this. She’d say “the sky isn’t going to fall” but that didn’t help. Those stinging words just made me worry more about irritating her. Mostly, I have managed to keep my tendency to worry in check. It seemed to be …

House siding

A new approach to an old job

Tracey Tracey's Blog

My husband has just about finished painting our house, and boy, is he ready to have this job done. Technically, and wisely, this has actually been a two summer chore. He painted three quarters of it last summer and left the backside for 2013.  Sound strange? Perhaps, but I thought it was an absolutely brilliant decision on his part. Historically, …

Gallery Bookshop

Gallery Bookshop

Tracey Good News

Is there any place more comforting than a good old fashioned, independent bookstore? You’ll know exactly what I mean if you ever have the opportunity to visit  Gallery Bookshop, in Mendocino, California. This gem, located in a delightful, historic building and facing the windswept bluffs atop the Pacific Ocean, seems to greet you with open arms. And the smell of …

Quilted cubes


Tracey Bucket List

Marsha writes: “My grandmother was an amazing quilter. I always regretted I didn’t learn her ‘art’ when I had the opportunity. Recently, I decided to stop kicking myself and take a quilting class. I’m hooked! I’ll probably never achieve what she did but I’m having fun and exploring my own artistic side for the first time in my life.” (Click …