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Rusty is Home

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A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday afternoon, 65 year old Richard Gillespe, the director and caretaker of Mattole Camp & Retreat Center in northern California, drove about two hours into Eureka to buy supplies. When he came back out of the store, he discovered his truck had been stolen. The worst part? His faithful companion, a redtick hound mix …

Rocky cliffs

Wheeeeeee …!

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Michele writes: “I did it. I rafted down the Colorado River through a beautiful section of the Grand Canyon! Check that wild experience off of my bucket list.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

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These days, I’ve happily settled into two very distinct, yet quite inter-related areas of interest and satisfaction, life coaching and writing. This particular combo is challenging, rewarding and downright fun. The biggest reward of both endeavors? Connecting with all of you! Therefore, I invite you to ‘like’ my new Facebook Page! It’s one more way we can explore the wonderful world …

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When to Move?


Dear Tracey, My husband and I are retired and have lived in the same neighborhood for nearly forty years. We are in our mid sixties and healthy, knock on wood.  Our house is paid for and we have no major debts. Our first grandchild was born a couple of weeks ago and being a grandparent is everything they say it …



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“It was a trip of a lifetime!” That’s how my brother described the British Columbia boating vacation he and his wife just shared with us. Taken from the top of their Bucket List, it was great fun for me to watch those two enjoy themselves as they experienced their long held dream. (Click here to see what others have checked …

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Every time we take our boat into Canada, I am struck by the friendliness of the people. It’s downright amazing to consistently meet interesting, fair minded, and out going people, all of whom seem to possess a commitment to being gracious. Now, I know somewhere in Canada there are grumpy people so I suppose the “Good News” is that I …

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The Best Vacation Ever

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I have returned from vacation feeling fully refreshed and comfortably invigorated, which is exactly what I think vacations are supposed to do. For me, this meant lazy time on our boat in the crystal clear waters of the San Juan islands of Washington and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. It meant sunshine and warm evenings, wildlife and hiking. Most …

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Keeping up with the times


As a young woman, I would always call my Granny on her birthday. With both of us living at opposite ends of California, it was one way to stay in touch. The phone would ring once … twice … three times and then she would pick up. As soon as she heard my voice wishing her a “Happy Birthday,” I …


Why not?

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Shelly writes: “After recently hearing you speak about publishing at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, I decided I had waited long enough. I pulled out my manuscript, in earnest this time, and I am giving it all of my attention. Thanks! P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed your novel!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

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Sounds of the sea

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Through the magic of computers, not to mention organizational skills and a great housesitter, you are reading this as my husband and I are cruising the waters off of British Columbia in the wooden boat he built us. Here’s another entry from the journal I keep on these annual vacations: “Part of what I enjoy about being on the boat …