Wooden top

A few good turns

TraceyBucket List

Bob writes: “I have been an amateur woodworker for all of my life. Wood lathe’s,  always interested me. What was I waiting for? Now I have one and I’m enjoying it. I’m making toys for my grandkids for Christmas present. See, it was a practical decision too.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Co-op logo

Another birthday

TraceyGood News

Here’s wishing our local North Coast CO-OP a belated Happy 40th Birthday! My-oh-my what you have done for our community in the last four decades! A cooperative is simply a group of people who own and run a business collectively. It’s a democratic approach and one that works very well. The North Coast Co-op’s philosophy is worth sharing: “Co-operatives are …

Pair of dice

And the winner is …?

TraceyTracey's Blog

A friend told me this very sweet story she was lucky enough to observe. It made my day. Hope it lands in the same spot for you! Two kindergarteners were playing a counting game using a pair of dice. Each girl would patiently take her turn. Eventually, it became clear, that one of them was one turn away from winning. …

Burning candle

Happy Birthday, Mom!


I kind of marvel at how some parents decide to celebrate their children’s birthdays these days. Forget “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” of yesteryear. Now an entire herd of thoroughbreds may be trucked into the neighborhood for a bunch of three-year-olds … half of whom are afraid of horses. Pardon my cynicism. It isn’t very becoming. But am I …

Apple and glass

A New Treat

TraceyBucket List

Steve writes: “My wife and I have always wanted to make juice from our apples. We finally bought a press, rounded up the apples, and invited our friends over for an apple pressing party. Think it will become a regular event each autumn.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Black wallet

Great Teens

TraceyGood News

The Dayton Daily News reported a Good News story worth sharing. High school freshman, Conner Robinson, discovered that he had lost his wallet, which contained $18, a gift card, and his ID, a  requirement for an upcoming trip to Washington D.C.. Just moments after calling home to share the news with his mother, Andy Robinson, someone was at the Robinson’s …

Raccoon in grass


TraceyTracey's Blog

Growing up in San Diego, I rarely reacted to the change in seasons. After all, nice weather is nice weather. It may be hard to believe for those of you who endure terrible winters but at times, it was a little boring. I recall one November, as a teen, happy to finally be wearing a beautiful wool skirt to school, …

Pinterest icon by Kate Fosson



As promised, we are finally going to talk about ‘Pinterest’ today. Why? Because this bit of social media is proving to be informative, fun and downright entertaining for millions of people … including many of us over fifty! Let’s begin by answering some questions; what is Pinterest and how does it work? The clever people who developed this site took …

Sunflower bouqet

Being Aware

TraceyBucket List

Suzanne writes: “So, the thing about a Bucket List is that no one can judge it, right? My idea was simple. For one month, every day, I wrote down something positive. It made me feel great.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

US fire crew

We, the People

TraceyGood News

Given the circus in Washington, D.C. of late, I have found it especially gratifying that different organizations, charities, and individual citizens have taken it upon themselves to pitch in and support fellow Americans. Yes, this behavior, this generosity is very good news. (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)