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The Washington mess has most of us turned inside out. You’ll get no tirade from me – there’s already too much of that out there. If only people would stop ranting and start listening. Oh, dear. But this is one of those times that I we all check and double-check the sources or things we hear or read. Some of …

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For a number of reasons, I believe that honesty is the best policy, even if it is difficult at times. So, with this in mind, I have a confession. For my birthday (more on turning 62 at a later date) I decided to give myself the day off. Yep, took the entire day and evening to do pretty much anything …

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Boomer Zombie

Tracey Bucket List

Alice writes: “It hasn’t happened quite yet but I am going to a Halloween party at the end of the month, in Zombie costume, which seems entirely appropriate. This will be the first time I’ve dressed up since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to do this for years but this nagging little voice told me it was silly, not …

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Tracey Good News

The following blurb is worth sharing. The report from the White House, ‘Volunteerism Becomes Part of Modern Culture in America’ states that since 1989, the number of Americans who volunteer has grown by more than 25 million and service is up across all age groups. Amazing! (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)

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With this week’s column as my inspiration, I have to share a new app that really grabbed my attention – FamZoom. ( Developed by grandparents, Maria and Charlie Girsch, who wanted to connect with their six grandsons, this new technology is for all of you grandparents who live far away from your grandchildren. What fun it promises to be! Once …

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Last week’s column on cooking for two, after cooking for an army during my childrearing days, seemed to hit a nerve for many of you. This lifestyle shift is quite a transition and clearly, it’s one many of you have experienced. However, I’ve also received some inquiries about the social media site I now use for cooking inspiration, Pinterest. While …

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Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed by all of the social media choices there are these days. It seems like a person could spend an awful lot of time tweeting, facebooking, and linking in!  There are days I absolutely enjoy connecting to the world through these avenues … and then, there are the days I step back and enjoy the …

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Red Cross

Tracey Bucket List

John writes: “ After years of making all kinds of excuses, I have finally become a Red Cross Volunteer. Don’t ask me why I waited this long to do something I believe in this much. It feels great – nice people and a good cause.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

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Tracey Good News

Something quite wonderful was recently happening in Salem, Oregon. Shoppers were finding one hundred bills tucked into products they were buying. Things like egg cartons, boxes of ice cream bars, even shopping carts would reveal the totally unexpected booty. My hat’s off to the generous individual who decided to put a smile on the face of countless strangers. (Click here …

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Cooking for Two

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There was a time in our household when we had three teenagers and every one of them was roaring around in a million different directions. But we had one rule we always tried to enforce – dinner was to be together, as a family. It wasn’t always easy, in fact it was downright challenging. Between homework, music lessons, practices for …