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Generous people

Tracey Good News

Around the holidays, so many people open their hearts to give to those less fortunate. Whether they volunteer to serve dinner at churches and homeless shelters, drop off canned goods at locations throughout their city, or write checks to their favorite charities, we have plenty of generous and  compassionate people  in this country. In my book, this is the definition …

Mosaic Tiles

Jolly Old England

Tracey Bucket List

Victoria writes: “I never miss your blog. I had a chuckle when I read that someone was going to be in Florence for Christmas. Why? Because I am emailing you from England, where we are spending the Thanksgiving holiday with our son and his family. (We’re having guinea fowl, whatever they are.) It’s been a lovely trip and being here …

Apple Tree


Tracey Columns

Someone emailed me recently, requesting copy of a Thanksgiving column I written a few years ago. Here it is, with one addition … I am thankful for all of you who have loyally read my column(s) all of these years! Okay, be honest. With Thanksgiving just a a couple of days away, how many of you have actually taken a …

She Writes Press Sale

Now, this is a sale!

Tracey Tracey's Blog

Get ready! The perfect, 99¢ stocking-stuffers are coming your way! Beginning Friday, November 29, and lasting for one week, you’ll be able to purchase the e-book version of my novel, Duck Pond Epiphany, as well as a number of other wonderful titles published by She Writes Press! (Need them as a gift? Simply go to Amazon, search the title, and the …

Grocery Bag

Good Teens

Tracey Good News

I saw something quite simple the other day and it struck me as worth sharing with you. An elderly woman was struggling to unload her groceries into her car. A couple of teenage boys happened to be walking by when they noticed her efforts. They stopped and asked if they “could be of assistance.” After they loaded the  groceries into …

Ribbon Spools

DYI – yes!

Tracey Bucket List

Linda writes: “I’m not very crafty though I’ve always wanted to be. My friend said this was silly, that there are craft projects for every level of skill. Ha – she’s right! For the very first time in my life, using beautiful ribbon, I am actually making Christmas ornaments for my family. They’re not perfect but I am having so …

Asian Map

Making memories

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It’s been over 36 years since my husband and I went to Europe on our honeymoon. We had a month full of memory making and there are moments from that trip that still fill us both up with plenty of good feelings. Last week our daughter and her new husband left for their three week belated honeymoon to Thailand and …

scam alert 2

SCAM Alert Part 2

Tracey Columns

Sadly, I bet most of us in our age bracket know of a friend or relative who has fallen victim to some kind of scam. Whether it was a sweepstakes offer that arrived in the mail, a phone call from someone posing as a dear grandchild in need, or a phony email, scams are a multi-million  dollar illegal industry. What’s …

Cathedral Front

Buon Natale!

Tracey Bucket List

Suzanne writes: “We just booked tickets to Florence, Italy for Christmas! I can’t believe it!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Outdoor Shrub

A very good dog!

Tracey Good News

Some good news was reported by BBC News last week. Englishman Roger Wilday, was walking his German Shepard, Jade, when “she suddenly ran over to the bushes and refused to return.” When Wilday went to explore, he found a newborn baby inside of a carrier bag. Reacting quickly, he contacted the police and soon the baby was receiving care at …