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Last month, when my husband and I were in Sacramento, CA visiting our daughters, we had a fun, sunny afternoon gallery hopping. Knowing how much we enjoy absorbing every kind of art imaginable, our oldest daughter and her husband took us to ‘Arthouse’, a wonderful building full of artists who welcome visitors into their private studios. That day, I had …

Scam Alert!

SCAM Alert Part 1

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Sadly, I bet most of us in our age bracket know of a friend or relative who has fallen victim to some kind of scam. Whether it was a sweepstakes offer that arrived in the mail, a phone call from someone posing as a dear grandchild in need, or a phony email, scams are a multi-million  dollar illegal industry. What’s …

Autumn Leaves

Fall colors

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Michele writes: “I always thought I’d have to go all the way to the eastern United States to enjoy the Fall colors. Nope. For my Bucket List, I simply headed up to Washington state and was happy to discover every shade of the autumn rainbow!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Double Rainbow

Human kindness

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I saw this story on the morning news and I had to share it with you. Darnell Barton, a Buffalo, NY bus driver, was driving his bus across a bridge. Off to the right, he saw a young woman standing on the outside of the bridge’s railing. This tender soul not only stopped his bus, but he gently helped this troubled woman …

Heifer International

A true gift

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It’s always a bit curious to me how readers react to a one of my columns. Believe me, opinions run all over the place and back again! For some individuals, I may strike the nail right on the head and they graciously take the time to thank me for my perspective. For others, who are responding to the exact same …

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What do 38 million women have in common? We’re all Baby Boomers! And we are also a wonderful mass of humanity who, one-by-one, is changing the approach to the aging process. But sometimes it’s pretty easy to get stumped by the challenges we face. Are you ready for a lively discussion on navigating midlife? Join me for  “Baby Boomer Women: …