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‘Second Half’ Cat?

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If you are a cat lover, this may not may not settle too well. Here goes. Every night, after sleeping pretty much all day, our cat, Rita, heads for the great outdoors. (Please note – this is her choice! We’ve tried keeping her in overnight and generally, she wakes us up about 3:00 for her ritualistic roam.) I always imagine her prowling …

Soldier Ornament

Reasonable Gift Giving

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Dear Tracey, It’s closing in on Christmas and instead of being happy, I am dreading it. Why? Because my in-laws believe they have a “right” to spoil our 18 month old son and 4 year old daughter and spoil them, they do. I hate confrontation and they’re not my parents, so I haven’t said anything to them directly. But my …

Carved Wreath

A month of kindness

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This following story came my way and it strikes me as very good news, indeed. An older couple, both enjoying what they described as a “comfortable” retirement, decided that for the month of December, they would do a random act of kindness every day of the month. They report that simply generating their list of kindness acts has been rewarding …

Decorated XMas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Tracey Bucket List

Bob and Sue write: “We live in the city and have always bought our tree at the corner lot. This year, we are taking the day and going out to a tree farm to cut one down. We have the time now and it sounds pleasant to spend the day in the country and bring back a fresh tree to …

Coat-Hanger Star

Holiday Dilemma

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Dear Tracey, My husband died a year ago. It was terribly hard on all of us. He was a good man and very close to our daughters. But, slowly I’m trying to move on. I started seeing a divorced man last month. He treats me well. We enjoy each other’s company but I’m in no rush. (To be honest, he …