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Tennis anyone?

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Helen writes: “I was never very athletic as a kid. I was always too shy and awkward. But age can do funny things to a gal. Tennis has always looked like such a fun. You guessed it – I’m taking tennis lessons. I’m terrible but I am having a great time.” Photo Credit: PinkBlue/ (Click here to see what others have …

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A ‘gold medal’ for this athlete

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Twins Tracy and Lanny Barnes have sent the last 15 years of their lives competing in the biathlon, an event that combines cross-country skiing and target shooting. They both competed in the 2006 Olympics, but due to illness, Lanny was unable to compete in all of the recent the 2014 Olympic’s qualifying races. Tracy earned a spot on the team, …

Crowded Bookshelf

Book clubs

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I was a guest at another book club last night. What fun it is to hang out with people who share a passion for books. And, alright, these women knew how to laugh and enjoy themselves too! But now that I’m attending book clubs as an author, I find these evenings especially enjoyable. I always get asked the most interesting …

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When a facelift fails


Dear Tracey, I feel very bad for my friend, I don’t know what to do for her. When we were in our late thirties, as terrible as this sounds, we used to laugh at older women who got facelifts, swearing we’d accept aging gracefully. Well, as these things go, we are now those older women. I managed to keep laughing …

Stick of Butter

Butter magic

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Ed writes: “During our holiday we watched a quirky little movie, “Butter” (2011). Who knew people sculpted with butter? But they do so we have added the Iowa State Fair to our road trip next August. Might as well swing by and check out this curious  form of artistic expression!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their …

Winter Gazebo

Good Samaritans

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As millions of Americans were struggling to survive one of the worst freezes this country has seen in decades, good Samaritans were seemingly out in droves. Some offered to jump- start dead car batteries for stranded motorists. Temporary homeless shelters seemed to appear overnight. Blankets and coats were delivered to charitable organizations. But here’s  one of my favorites. A Pennsylvania …

Tropical Shoreline

Be prepared

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Can you bear to hear one more person weigh in on our current weather patterns? Sorry. I’ll keep it brief. Last week, while the majority of our country struggled under the devastatingly frigid and destructive  “polar vortex,” we Californians were practically taking up a collection for our very own rainmaker! It’s official – 2013 was a record setting drought year …

Weight Set

You can do it!


This time of year, my ‘in-box’ is typically flooded with letters and emails from people trying to to figure out how to be healthier. I hear from yo-yo dieters, frantic to finally lose weight and keep it off, couch potatoes who know they need to be moving but can’t seem to make it happen, and  ‘second halvers’ who burn out …

Sea Urchins


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Dan writes: “On New Year’s Eve … I tried eating sea urchins. To be honest, I didn’t make it all the way through that garlicky slime but at least I tied. As a result, I’ve decided to cross all gross foods off of my Bucket List. I don’t think my Bucket List should be about suffering, right?” Tracey replies: Right …

I Heart Your Smile

Positive messages for kids!

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The following happy tidbit was included in a story on positive news of 2013 by: “Girls in fifth grade and eighth grade at York Middle School took part in the national Operation Beautiful program, writing messages in the girl’s bathroom and locker room with positive words for students, a wonderful gesture aimed at building self-esteem at a critical age. Sample …