California Mountains

The Great State of California

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Over the Christmas holiday, my husband and I had a wonderful trip visiting family. We pretty much drove the entire state from border to border, leaving Humboldt County in northern California and ending up in San Diego. A couple of things along the way struck me: 1. How do people in Los Angeles and San Diego survive that traffic every …

Jar of Memories

Remembering the Good Times

Tracey Columns

Technically, I suppose I’m a little late in wishing all of you a happy 2014. I hope you’ll accept my belated sentiments. I was visiting family in southern California for the holiday and I’m just now catching up. During the long drive home, I thought about how many different New Year’s columns I have written during my couple of decades …

Bella and Collar

Service Dogs for Children

Tracey Good News

This wonderful organization in Alabama, K-9s 4 Kids, trains service dogs for children. While they invest $21,000 of training into each dog, the family who receives one of these life saving dogs, is not charged a penny! Young lives are changed, supported, and simply much happier. (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)

Paris Writing Pad

Tips for writing your Bucket List

Tracey Bucket List

Here are some tips on how to get started writing your 2014  Bucket List: 1. Write it down! Truly, putting dreams to paper not only keeps us organized but it also inspires follow-through! 2. Lighten up your approach. You are not writing absolutes with this first draft. Give yourself the freedom to dream and dream big. You’ll have plenty of …

Palm Tree Sunset

On vacation

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I’m taking a little holiday vacation from my blog but will return next week! The other sections of my website have been refreshed, so please check out this week’s column, The Second Half, as well as the Good News post and some Bucket List tips! Please, feel free to email me any comments, questions,  Good News story ideas, or Bucket …

Paper Crane Ornament

The Mystery of Mellowing

Tracey Columns

I was recently asked if I thought men seemed to mellow with age? Honestly, I don’t think this is particularly gender specific. But the question reminded me of a column I wrote a few years ago. I’m running it again, here on the brink of 2014, because whether you are male of female, a mellow approach to life just seems …