Standing Water in Field


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It rained in California! It rained hard. If you live here you know exactly why this is good news! Here’s hoping we more of the wet stuff. (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)


From the 6th grade …

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A friend writes: “I saw North Coast Repertory Theater’s Oedipus Rex last night. The white-bearded ‘Priest of Zeus’ had the following bio in the program: Rich Ames (Priest) – In the 6th grade, Rich played a tree in a school play. Rich had stage fright so bad the tree shook like it was in a hurricane. Now, many years later, using the …

Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother

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I’m not always exactly sure how it is that I decide to do things. I’d like to believe my decision making process is all logical and well thought out, and sometimes it is. But it’s not unusual for me to discover that some things just resonate. I read about something or see something or even just wake up in the …

Video Camera Close-up

Turn it down!


Growing up  with a hearing-impaired mother, I was motivated to earn an undergraduate degree in Education of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. So it’s perfectly natural that I would be tuned into the signs of aging ears. It seems to be the price we are paying for all of those as a rock n’ roll concerts as youngins’. (I have …

Drawer of Kitchen Clutter

Simple things

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Betty writes: “A bucket list thing doesn’t have to be profound, right? Well, mine sure isn’t but I feel fantastic. I finally cleaned out my kitchen drawer. Not exactly like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro I know but it sure did put a smile on my face.That blasted drawer has haunted me for years!” (Click here to see what others have checked …

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling program benefits PTA

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Here’s a win/win: Kathryn Moore and Amber Thompson, parent volunteers for the Madonna Elementary School PTA in southern California, launched a weekly recycling drive. Each Friday, parents can drop off their bottles and cans at school. All proceeds from this recycling effort benefits the PTA! Clever women, these two! (Click here to return to our  Good News stories)

Knit Scarf on Hook

A Knitting Robot

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Someone sent me a link to a video of ‘Agnes the Knitting Robot.’ Scouts honor! Agnes was created by Andy Noyes, a British artist/engineering kind of guy. With her plastic face in front and exposed gears in back, decked out in a black ensemble, including knee socks (?) Agnes sat in the corner of a living room for five hours …

Musical Instrument Shelves

Kids + music = Good Times


A few weeks ago I shared an activity with you that my family has adopted. Throughout our busy days, we stop long enough to drop a note into a special jar, for no other reason than to remind ourselves of the goodness in our lives. Naturally, I’ve heard from a few readers about the idea. Some were strongly in favor …

Jungle Waterfall - Photo credit:

Zip Line

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Stephen writes: “I’m just back from Costa Rica. Beautiful place, great weather and so much to see and do. Top of my list was riding a zipline through an amazing jungle!” Photo credit: (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Professional Handshake - Photo credit:

The sign says it all

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In Denver last month, realtor Joe Manzaneres’s car ran out of gas. On the corner, a homeless man, Chris Razec, quickly dropped his sign that read,  “Homeless, Cold, and Hungry” so he could help push the car out of the intersection. These days, Razec is holding a different sign, one that advertises Manzaneres’s business, while earning Razec a guaranteed income. …