Sunflower Bouquet

Pollyanna speaks

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I’ve received some fascinating letters and emails during my run as a Q&A columnist, ones that for obvious reasons, I decided against responding to. (No, I could not find a Georgia prisoner a wife (!) anymore than I would be willing to buy a plane ticket for a man who wanted to come to California because he “really needed” a …

Listen to Your Mother

LTYM Portland

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One of the many things I am grateful for at this point in life is that I haven’t lost my capacity to still get reeeeeeeally excited about different things … like participating in a show that features live readings by writers “on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood, in celebration of Mother’s Day.”  Beginning as a one time performance …

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate

Tracey Bucket List

Lillian writes: “We’re from Nebraska and I have wanted to walk across the Golden Gate bridge for as long as I can remember. Done! And added bonus to this trip? I have fallen in love with San Francisco and Californians in general. You sure are friendly out here!” photo credit: (Click here to see what others have checked off their …

Dog Flopped on Stairs

Calling all readers!

Tracey Good News

What good news do you have to share? It can be about one person or a bunch of people. It can be happening locally or internationally. Perhaps it’s something quite small or something quite big. Whatever your good news story is, we’d all like to hear it! Shoot me an email ( and I’ll share it with the world! …

Listen to Your Mother

Listen to your Mother, con’t.

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Last week, I wrote about getting ready to audition for a wonderful show in Portland, Oregon, “Listen to your Mother.” (( This production began in the east  with proceeds benefiting a charitable organization or agency, has blossomed nationwide. And why not? Held on Mother’s day, LTYM focuses on any aspect of motherhood, from anyone who wants to audition – the …

Decorated Fridge

Multifunctional fridge!

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The invention of the refrigerator revolutionized food preservation. But who could have imagined that modern families would also come to use it as a backdrop for their personal art and photo galleries? And more importantly, one day, a genius (surely a woman with small children) affixed a small dry erase board to the door and motherhood took one giant step …