Completed Boatframe


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Here’s how it happened. Six men came together on a very wet Sunday. Using incredible problem-solving, collaboration, cooperation, and plenty of humor, they managed to pull a 27’4”, 1.5 ton boat hull out of my husband’s shop, roll it all the way over to be right side up, and then push it back into the shop. It took over 1,000 …

Sterile Workspace

Workplace Generation Gap

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Dear Tracey, We would appreciate your perspective on a situation we have at work. We are a government office of five women. Four of us are over fifty-five and have been in our careers for many years. We’ve all had the good luck to work together for quite awhile and have shared plenty of experiences out of the office too. …

Boats on Water

Fingers crossed

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Those of you who follow my column or this blog, know that my husband is a boat builder. It’s not like he grew up on the water. No, his boat building is more about what happens when woodworkers are on the hunt for even more curious and challenging  projects. Fortunately, I did grow up spending time on the water in San Diego …

Firefighters and Trucks

Singing Firefighters

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This story cheered me up. Firefighters in Reading, MA arrived at the scene to rescue a mother, her infant son, and four year old daughter from a malfunctioning elevator. Part of the rescue required going up a ladder and over a wall. Apparently, at at this point, the four year old began to panic. Firefighter Scott Meet to the rescue! …

Patchwork Quilt

Quilts for Grand Kids

Tracey Bucket List

Margaret writes: “I decided to make each one of my ten grandchildren their very own quilt. I have finally finished!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Kinetic Spheres with Faces

Grumpier with age?

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Dear Tracey, I’m older than you, well into my seventies, but I’m curious if you are seeing the same thing happen that I am. Do you think people are more inclined to bellyache when they get old? It seems like all of my friends have turned into a bunch of complainers and worrywarts. Many of us have been friends for …