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Here’s something to consider, courtesy of Richard Wiseman, a former magician (!) turned psychologist and one of Britain’s most respected professionals in his field of expertise.  Wiseman believes that by forcing your face into a smile and holding it for 30 seconds you can feel happier.  I tried it. Yep, working at my computer recently, on a very sunny day …

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Greetings from Portland, Oregon! As I have been blogging about these last few weeks, I am here to participate in Portland’s first ever production of “Listen To Your Mother.”   It’s going to be the best kind of Mother’s Day – celebrating with 13 other remarkable women at the Alberta Rose Theater, as we share our stories. And to put …

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Dear Tracey, Did you happen to see the piece on television recently, about older women buying real estate and moving in together for economic, care taking, and companionship reasons? (Sorry, I don’t know which program it was.)  Isn’t this is a wonderful idea? My best friend and I are thinking of doing something like this. We have both been alone for …

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Stella writes: “I was a dancer as a young woman but I gave it up because my husband hated dancing. He passed four years ago and I decided it was finally time for me to learn how to salsa. I am having a very good time.” Photo credit: – ‘Salsa Dancing’ by Aleska D (Click here to see what others have …



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Does the following count as good news? Maybe not but this bit of trivia put a smile on my face and anything that makes us smile, is definitely good news in my book. Here it is.  Did you know that a group of flamingos can be called a ‘flamboyance’? How great is that? Photo – ‘Flamingos’ by Feelart (Click here …

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I had a sad but interesting talk with a group of great women the other night. Of the nine of us sitting around, sharing a perfectly wonderful evening, three were directly involved with someone living with some form of dementia.  Don’t think for a minute that I am a mathematician but that’s about 30 percent, right? That seems like far …

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Dear Tracey, Every year at Mother’s Day I face an awkward situation. Perhaps you can help me. Ten years ago I married into a wonderful family. They are quite warm and welcoming. They are also from, as my mother likes to say, “the right side of the tracks.” Yes, they are extremely comfortable financially but they are also humble, gracious, …