Blazing Bonfire

Beach Bonfire

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Margaret writes: “When my husband and I decided to visit the west coast for the first time in our lives, we told our daughter that we hoped we could join her and our precious grandchildren, around a huge beach bonfire. (Trust me – when you have lived in Kansas all of your life, imagine beach scenes like this is a …

FIFA World Cup

World Cup Class!

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It’s time again for World Cup Fever! But here’s the story that caught my eye.  Japan, ranked 46th in the world standings, wasn’t expected to accomplish much by participating in these games … and they didn’t. They lost 2-1 in their first match to Ivory Coast. But in my book, it’s their fans who are going home with the trophy! …


Surf’s Up!

TraceyBucket List

Stan writes: “On vacation last week in Maui, I had my very first surfing lesson! I’m 70 years old – how about that?! Sure, I spent nearly all of the time falling off but I still had a great time!”  Photo credit: Noffsinger (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Wilds and Sky

The value of positive news

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I read a post online the other day written by Ken Tingley, the editor of He was defending his publication’s practice of reporting ‘good news’ stories in their community. Three cheers for both Ken and his staff!  Every media outlet in the 24/7 news cycle has plenty of bad news to report and report it they do. I don’t believe …

Floral Trellis

Good weather, good times

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The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful, something those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest don’t ever take for granted. On the contrary, sunny days are to be enjoyed at all costs.  As a consequence of this massive sunshine blitz, my work schedule this week has been turn upside down! Thanks to the beauty of being self employed, …

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff Dustcover

Book Clubs


Since the publication of my novel last year (Duck Pond Epiphany) one of the unexpected pleasures I’ve had is participating in a variety of different book clubs. Whether in person or via technology (yep, computers can bring us all together in the same room) I have repeatedly found myself engaged in lively discussion with bright, articulate, and often very funny …

Bucket in the Sand

One for the entire family

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Marie writes: ”I don’t know about other families but when school lets out for the summer, we’ve found that all of the free time can sometimes backfire. But now, I’m optimistic my family will have better time over the next couple of months because we have done a “Summer of ’14 Family Bucket List.” I know, maybe it sounds too …

People Cleaning a Beach


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June 5 was World Environment Day (WED). Established by the United Nations in 1972, the goal of WED is to raise global awareness about our environment and to encourage people to take active steps to protect our environment. (It can feel like such an overwhelming task to care of Mother Earth but if you stop and consider the alternatives, do …

Raft-Eye View of River


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Here’s a question for you: what would you do with 37.5 days of paid vacation per year? Unfortunately, this isn’t something the average American can even begin to contemplate but, get this, 5.5 weeks of vacation is the norm for the French! (And they have all of that great wine, cheese, and beautiful countryside … maybe they know something we …

Navigating the College Applications Process

Is your child college bound?


The school year is drawing to an end and for many of you, this is a very good thing. (Yep, boomers raising children – it’s happening all over the place.) For some of you, summer means no dragging a teen into the day when the alarm goes off, car pooling to manage, and student progress to track. Hopefully there’s a …