Garden Flower

A Green Thumb

Tracey Bucket List

Maria writes: “For years I’ve been telling everyone that I when it comes to gardening, I have a brown thumb. My mother sure did and so I never even tried it. But I’ve always wandered around nurseries, longing to plant things. Thanks to my Bucket List, I now have a deck full of thriving plants and flowers. Funny how we …

Birthday Festivities

Police work of a different kind

Tracey Good News

Imagine how this mom felt when her car was broken into and robbed. It gets worse. Inside of the vehicle was her son’s birthday present and she couldn’t afford to replace it.  Enter Super Hero, Sheriff’s Officer Derek Pratico of Jacksonville, Florida. After taking the report of the burglary, he had an idea. The next day, using his own money, …

Handmade Boat with Dog

For Sale: Descant

Tracey Tracey's Blog

As some of you are aware, my husband is a wooden boat builder. (It’s never been his profession yet given the quality of his work, it certainly could be.) As you may have read here, he is mid-way through yet another boat, one we think of as our retirement vessel. “She” will be large enough (27’) to be quite comfortable …

Coursing Stream

Vacations should be FUN!

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, My parents live in Los Angeles, where I grew up. They’ve never adjusted to my move to the other end of the state and eventually, when I told them this was my home, they flipped. (They don’t like it up here. My mother summed it up once, saying “It’s too cold and wet and there’s no shopping.” My …