Boat and Trailer on the Shore

Over protective daughter-in-law


Dear Tracey, Our grandsons, 9 and 11, will be visiting in a few weeks and we’re going to have so much fun. We’ll be in town for a few days and then up at our cabin on the lake.  This is the first time their mother is letting them be here all by themselves. I feel bad for my poor daughter-in-law, …

A Bucket of Tiramisu


TraceyBucket List

Shelly writes: “When I was a college student I went to Italy as an exchange student. It was the best year of my young life. I fell in love with a boy (!) and with tiramisu, that luscious dessert Italy is famous for. My boy crush ended before I returned home but my love affair with tiramisu never ended. Here’s …

A Shiny Heart


TraceyGood News

Huffpost Good News reports that signs printed with the word “LOVE” are appearing all over New Orleans! Apparently, the two unemployed artists behind the campaign wanted “to spread the love,” believing that language is powerful and transformative.  I have to agree. I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to simply walk down the street and be reminded about …

Listen to your Mother 2014 Logo

Listen To Your Mother

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The videos are LIVE! Sometimes, writers do more than write … like when they are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about things like motherhood. And that’s exactly what Listen To Your Mother is all about! I was so proud, and grateful, to be a part of this national production that benefits women and children throughout …

Trellis and Flowers

An Empty Nest Summer


For years, thoughts of summer would float into my family’s collective consciousness sometime around the end of April. (Depending on countless variables, this start date could vary dramatically. One year, it actually arrived at the end of March – I kid you not. Sadly, a long, wicked winter in the Pacific Northwest can do that to rain slogged family.) My …

Thank You Card


TraceyBucket List

Sally writes: “I made a goal to start being more appreciative in my life. That’s not my Bucket List thing. No, for my Bucket List, I tracked down teachers who had made an impact in my life. Sadly, some of them had passed on but I was able to send a few very special people a card of appreciation. It …

School Sign: Congrats Bev! 27 Years; We Will Miss You XO XO XO

Thank you, Bev!

TraceyGood News

My three children were lucky enough to attend a small, rural school from kindergarten through eighth grade. The teachers were dedicated and of the highest quality. It was a fine education and I truly believe it was a large part of their ultimate success in the world.  And then there was “Bev” –  the crossing guard/playground monitor of the century!  …

Ribbon Supplies and Art Projects

Creativity and you

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I have a new project germinating and I absolutely love this part of the creative process. My mind wanders over, under, around, and through the particular idea. I play out all possible strategies, I contemplate different variations. In other words, I get absolutely lost in the creativity of it all.  Sadly, I often hear people deny that they don’t have …

Magician's Hat

No Magic Answer


Dear Tracey, My sister and I are in a terrible situation. Our mother is 90 and lives alone in another state. She is failing and absolutely refuses any help. We set up things like Meals-on Wheels. She canceled. We hired help, with her sitting in the room. She canceled. Her regular doctor told her to get support. She tells me …