Duck Pond

Vacationing at home

Tracey Bucket List

Wayne writes: “I travel extensively for my job. It gets old and makes me less than enthused when it comes to summer vacations. But my wife had the best idea – we’re spending our first week of vacation at home, exploring our favorite places, watching old movies, eating out, cooking together. The following week we’ll head out for a relaxed …

Elephant and Child Silhouettes

Have you hugged your elephant today?

Tracey Good News

July 14 was World Elephant Day. I totally missed it! How about you? But I found it somehow reassuring that people throughout the world cared enough about these remarkable animals to protect and preserve them. Want to learn more? Read up on what is happening with The David Sherick Wildlife Trust. ( And, if you happen to need a little …

Stage Spotlight

There’s still time!

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – The Second Half: Wisdom in the Spotlight. If you live in the area or would be willing to visit this beautiful part of the world, consider joining me for this fun show benefitting OLLI, where people over fifty will be the stars! Submit your 750 essay about one life lesson you believe is worth sharing. (Details in …

Frowny-Faced Egg

A Blank Slate

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, I’d like you to weigh in on a problem I’m having.  A co-worker is retiring and I couldn’t be happier. She has been a negative force in our department for years. I know her home life is a mess and that she’s been unhappy forever. I used to try and understand her better. For years, I listened when …

Driftwood Coastline


Tracey Bucket List

Cheryl writes: “I have spent most of my life on the water whenever I had the opportunity, sailing mostly.  (I love it when you write about your boating adventures!) Six months ago, at age 66, I joined a women’s rowing team. It is one of the most grueling sports I have ever tried and I am in heaven! My next …

GH Commute

Power Commuters

Tracey Good News

Given the 24/7, nano-second news distribution we now live with, this is probably considered  old news by now.  I’m guessing most of you saw this story. But in case you were on Mars for the last two weeks, I’m going to share it because it’s that good!  Awhile back, an Australian commuter was boarding a subway car. Somehow, his leg slipped down …

House in Cardboard Box

Moving day

Tracey Good News

Here in our later years, downsizing our homes is an issue many of us are contemplating. It makes sense, on so many different levels, to realistically evaluate just how much living space we need.  A friend of mine has been carefully mulling over this issue for awhile and recently moved to a smaller house. Good for her! Is this the …

Megaphone Cartoon

Call for submissions

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Please read my column this week, “The Second Half: Wisdom in the Spotlight,” and then come back here for a few additional thoughts! I conceived of this show following my experiences as a member of the “Listen to your Mother” production last May. That entire experience reminded me that storytelling is such a profound way to communicate with one another. …

Stage Spotlight

The Second Half: Wisdom in the Spotlight

Tracey Columns

If you live locally, or are willing to make a couple of trips to this beautiful part of the world, take note. I want your wisdom! Curious? Please, read on. Those of us with some living under our belts recognize that we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. It’s called ‘wisdom’ and where would we be without it? Whether it’s …

Hay and Potatos

Potato Towers

Tracey Bucket List

Steve writes: “Okay, nothing is off limits for Bucket Lists, right? Thought I’d throw this out there. I am growing potatoes in hay towers this season. Seems practical, something different.I’ll let you know if it works.”  Dear Steve …  actually, some Bucket List things are off limits when it comes to publication but potato towers certainly aren’t on that list! I’m actually …