Burning Forest


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It’s another horrendous fire season for those of us who live in the west.   But in spite of the terrible losses, people always seem to pull together. Folks in Washington state are proving to be yet another example of how tragedy brings out the best in people. A news report showed how an entire community had mobilized, transforming a …

Painting of Woman Pointing

Good people

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This week’s column (‘The Second Half’) is about how to handle inconsiderate people. Sadly, this is a topic I am often asked about. Yep, there are days when it seems like the good guys are in the minority.  Inconsideration seems to be running rampant throughout every corner of our culture. Complete strangers barrel down the highway in violation of the law …


An Admitted Crab

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Dear Tracey: I am turning into a cranky old lady. I have every reason to be thankful for my life style, but when I go out in public to do errands I get really crabby.  I have so many pet peeves!  Homeless guys everywhere! Walking their dogs all day on the hot asphalt streets oblivious to the pain on the dog’s paws, …