Knit Tree Trunk Warmer

Knit Tree Warmer

Tracey Bucket List

Stephanie writes: “Have you ever knit a trunk warmer for a tree? Well, I have. It’s along story but it’s also one more thing off of my Bucket List!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Tracey and Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tracey Tracey's Blog

I managed to sneak in a quick trip to beautiful San Diego this week. It was my mother’s 88th birthday and I sure didn’t want to miss celebrating with her. My brother and I took her to a wonderful little restaurant for lunch and we all enjoy walking down memory lane together. Our dear mother raised the two of us …

Wisdom in the Spotlight


Tracey Columns

It’s almost here, “Wisdom in the Spotlight,” a show that celebrates many of life’s most valuable lessons. Best of all? Each of these original stories has been written by some  of our wisest community members … people over fifty! It’s all happening November 7th and 9th, at The Arcata Playhouse and you’re invited! As the happy host of this production, …

Happy Birthday Cake by antpkr at

Cake from Scratch

Tracey Bucket List

Helen writes: “When I was little, long, long ago, my grandmother would always make me a birthday cake from scratch. I thought I’d try that this year. The cake was a dry mess … but time in the kitchen thinking about my dear, long departed grandmother, was a real joy.” Image credit antpkr at (exact link not working) (Click here …

Red Hair Ink Drawing by Stuart Miles at (exact link not working)

Red Hair

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, My mother is embarrassing herself and I don’t know what to do. She is always quoting your column so maybe you’ll have an answer for her and I won’t have to say anything. For about the first 55 years of my mother’s life, she was a flaming redhead. Then, she didn’t exactly go gray but her hair turned …



Tracey Bucket List

Maggie writes:  “I had been hearing about Pickleball for a couple of years. Everything I read said it was fun and good for you too, so I put it on my Bucket List last year. Well, I finally tried it and after one short session, I’m hooked! I highly recommend it to others, Bucket List or not!” (Click here to …

Oberon Grill

Bon Appétit

Tracey Good News

I seem to be on a bit of a kick lately, passing along information about good spots for enjoyable experiences. That’s good news, right? Here we go again! If you’re passing through Eureka, CA, put Oberon Grill in Old Town on your ‘must do’ list. I had the most wonderful birthday dinner there. The setting was warm and welcoming, the food …

Stage Spotlight

People do change

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These days, I’m up to my ears organizing what I think is going to be a really wonderful show, “Wisdom in the Spotlight.” I will be hosting eleven talented people, every one of them in the second half of life, as they share their bits of wisdom. The topics they’s written about are wonderful, their stories memorable, and I think the …

Lilypads in garden

It’s Mom’s Life

Tracey Columns

Dear Tracey, My adult children are upset and it’s all about something I don’t think is any of their business. My husband died many years ago, which left me in charge of an estate that included quite a few rental properties, as well as our own home and acreage. I live off of the rental income, as well as other …

An Old Shovel

A Shovel!

Tracey Bucket List

Recently, a friend told me that her four year old granddaughter had asked her what a Bucket List was. Feeling it was somewhat inappropriate to explain the whole “things to do before you kick the bucket’ origins of this phrase, she simply told her sweet little granddaughter that a “Bucket List is just a list of things you want to …