Red Mushroom Sprouting in Lawn

2015 Plans

TraceyBucket List

Recently, I found myself thinking about mushrooms. Weird but it sort of makes sense within the context of the coming year. But right on the heels of this thought came confusion. Nothing too critical (!) but is my planning, dreaming about what to do in 2015 actually a Bucket List? Yes and no. But what’s most important is that this …

Creamer Swirling in Coffee

The Morning After

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Holiday Tip #5 – don’t do anything unless you have to! That being said, I am taking a few days to re-group and recover from the wonderful whirlwind of that last few weeks. Consequently, I’m taking a pass on my blog and I have to admit, it feels pretty darned good! Hope you can find a way to kick back a …

Dancing Sculpture

What if …?


I’m taking some time off but thought the following column might be worth repeating: I recently found myself in a lazy, sort of dreamy, post-Christmas, state-of-mind. Our old comfy couch, a bit of precious winter sunshine pouring through the window, and our purring puffball cat, combined forces to carry my wits off to that magical place where all things are …

Glitter Tree Decoration


TraceyBucket List

Shelly writes: “In two days we are off to Hawaii!  For years we’ve talked about getting away from the snow at Christmas. Our two kids and their families will be sharing a condo. We’ll have a couple of grandkids bedding down on the floor in our condo. Yes, space is at a premium but I think is going to be a …

Bear Fairy Ornament

Holiday Tip #4

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Feeling a tad freaked out right now? The clock is ticking and it’s crunch time. Some of you have already begun Hanukkah. I wonder if your stress levels are a bit lower? For others, these last few days can be, pardon me, just plain nuts. With those of you in mind, here’s a Holiday Tip #4. I have a little …

Skiing Man

Snow Skiing

TraceyBucket List

Stan writes: “I grew up in southern California, in a snow free zone. I always wanted to learn how to snow ski. At first I was nervous – thinking things like ‘there’s no fool like an old fool.’ My wife just knew I was going to break something. But I didn’t. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I …

Wells Fargo Logo

It Took a Village … and Wells Fargo!

TraceyGood News

Mike Dearden, Branch Manager of Wells Fargo Bank in Eureka, CA and Shelley Derr, Business Banking Specialist, have earned top honors in my book! Here’s why. I’ve been supporting ResolutionCare these last few weeks and it’s official – they will be bringing compassionate and much needed services to our community. Thanks to the generosity of many, over $100,000 has been …

Father XMas Decoration

Holiday Tip #3 – Simple Meals

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Among all of the other requirements of this month, food – both preparing and consuming – is at the top of the list. But for many people, like those still putting in a forty hour work week and/or raising kids, meals and preparation of special meals, can add real pressure. My tip for the week? Keep meals  simple … and …

Stack of Books

Books for Gift Giving


When I sit down to write this column every week, my intention is to be as objective as I possibly can. It’s a trait I try to carry though many aspects of my life. But I’m human … so get comfortable and settle in for a completely biased bit of rambling! If you put me on a desert island, the …

Central America Map

Multi-Generational Travel

TraceyBucket List

Candy writes: “We are all packed for our holiday adventure – a trip to Belize with our children and grandchildren. We have wanted to go there for many years but when the idea came up of making it a family holiday trip, it seemed even better!” (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)