Woman Working in garden (photo credit Terry Kramer)

Humboldt Botanical Gardens

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We are fortunate to have a real gem here on the north coast, the Humboldt Botanical Gardens. Known for their beautiful collections, meandering paths, and evolving open spaces and projects, HBC also does something very special. They contribute organic produce to feed the homeless. This year, the program grew 1,800 pounds of produce! Think about that – what an amazing …

Critters in XMas Stocking Ornament

Holiday Survival Tip #2

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Here we all are, right in the middle of what can be one of the most stressful times of the entire year. Too bad, since it can also be a rewarding and meaningful few weeks … if you can manage to approach things with your well being in mind! With this focus, here is Holiday Survival Tip, #2: Simplify your …

Bathroom Scale

Weight vs. Holidays … ARG!

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Dear Tracey, I love this time of year. I enjoy all of the social gatherings, the gift giving, and the family celebrations. And the food, oh, how I love the food, preparing it and eating it! But I’ve spent the last five months losing 38 pounds. I was pre-diabetic and my blood pressure was up for the first time in …