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The value of staying active

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We have some very dear friends who, in a few weeks, are embarking on yet another wonderful adventure. At 72 and 76, they will be spending eight weeks in Europe. They’ll break up the trip by staying in different places for a week or two at a time. At each location they’ll be going on day hikes, sightseeing, and enjoying …

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Grandkids and electronics, oh my!


Dear Tracey, I believe my role as a grandmother is to keep my mouth shut. I sure didn’t want my parents trying to interfere with what I thought was best for my two children. My approach worked pretty well while the grandkids were infants and toddlers. Now they are between six and nine. I babysit them regularly on the weekends. …

Generational Storytelling

Everyone Has a Story!


Think you’re too old for good old-fashioned storytelling? Think again! Some of you may remember the show I hosted last November, “Wisdom in the Spotlight.” Ten wonderful community members morphed into amazing, courageous storytellers and shared their life lessons with very receptive audiences. As a cast, we all had a ball and our audiences seemed to truly appreciate the time …