Wedding Cake

Good things come in threes!


I’m giddy. Tomorrow my husband and I take off for a life-altering, fun filled five days with family and friends. The occasion? Our youngest daughter is getting married! At thirty, she will join her brother and sister, and her parents, in what promises to be a wonderfully satisfying, life-long arrangement. Marriage. It’s a good thing. (This is the point where, …

Statues Flanking Gate



Dear Tracey, I retired two years ago and it has’t been easy. Honestly, it’s been terrible. Who knew someone could fail at retirement? I have my clubs and volunteer activities. It’s not like I just sit around doing nothing but no matter what I try, nothing fills the void left by my old job. I felt useful there and valued. …

tiny paper fans

Plants as Medicine


Dear Tracey, I have lived with a chronic illness for the last twelve years. My life was completely controlled by the debilitating pain I have in my joints. I’d become housebound and lonely. It was so depressing. I hope you’re sitting down because what I have to tell you may be shocking. My friend suggested I try marijuana. This came …

Weight Set

Unexpected and FUN exercise


Many of us in the second half of life are always on the look-out for new ways to exercise our bodies as well as our brains. Ascribing to the ‘use it or lose it’  philosophy, we spend our time completing healthy hikes or tackling challenging, mind-numbing puzzles. We understand that in order to enjoy a full and satisfying life, we …