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Life is too Short

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These last weeks have have been an absolute blur. They have been jammed pack with activities I  enjoy and feel very enthusiastic about. Fun stuff, all of it. The problem? I finally came up for air last week and realized it was all too much. Something had to give. At first, the realization  made me wonder: was age impacting my …

Doll House

Missing My Family


Dear Tracey, For the last week my house has been alive with family. My kids and grand kids all converged. We went to the beach, had cookouts, baked cookies, and watched funny movies. I was in heaven. And now? They left and I’m down. The house is too quiet. I don’t want to do anything. I try to fight the …

Mary Poppins silhouette

The Surprising Magic of Mary Poppins


Local folks … looking for some enchanting summer entertainment for people of all ages? Mark your calendar for Humboldt Light Opera Company’s summer production, Mary Poppins! Most of us only know of the popular movie version of Mary Poppins. But the adaptation of this endearing story to the stage has a slightly different orientation. Based on the books by P.L.Travers, …