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Age Discrimination: Part 2


Simply put, discrimination is about one individual judging another based on nothing more than ignorance and prejudice, not individual merit. No matter what form  discrimination takes, it is always a distasteful and illegal practice. Age discrimination in the workplace is no exception. And sadly, this unjust practice is on the rise. In last week’s post, I addressed the subtleties of …

Yard Sea Serpent

Age Discrimination: Part 1


Dear Tracey, Please address age discrimination, particularly employment discrimination for “elder ” workers. Shine some light on this issue. Thank you, KC Dear KC, Gladly! Thank you for bringing up this significant, though often ignored, topic that is unfortunately far too common. Age discrimination in the workplace is one of those dirty little secrets that exist and is sadly on …

Small House on the Street



Dear Tracey, My husband and I have been retired for over thirteen years. We’ve really enjoyed the freedom of the last decade or so but now we have finally decided to move closer to our children. (Not on top of them, mind you. We’re all too independent for that arrangement.) We have sold our house here and purchased a little …