Take a risk!


The last couple of weeks, the subjects of this column seemed to hit a nerve for many of you. While some readers let me know they’d had positive experiences with the topics I was addressing, others had quite different reactions. After I responded to a woman who was interested in, but leery of computers, I heard from the ‘you’ll never …

When I'm 64

When I’m 64


It finally happened last week. The words of a Beatles song became my official anthem. I turned 64. The McCartney/Lennon song, “When I’m 64”  first made its way onto the charts in 1967 when I was a high school sophomore. Like everyone else I knew, I was trying to navigate my way through adolescence. Defined by a culture that wanted …

Inga Tells All

Inga Tells All – A Book Review

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With a title like, Inga Tells All, A saga of single parenthood, second marriage, surly fauna, and being mistaken for  Swedish porn star, I had to open the cover and jump in, right? Right! But in the spirit of full disclosure, I was also intrigued by the similarities the author and I share. We’re both middle-aged women from San Diego, …