39 and counting!

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On July 2, 1977, my husband and I stood at the top of these stairs and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. So far, so good! We’ve recently made our way through a terrifying medical emergency and it served to remind us, yet again, about the value of a loving partnership. We are so grateful for each other and the life we have created.

How have we made it? Some of it is surely luck but most of it is our commitment to actively tend to each other and to the marriage itself. We don’t take any of it for granted. There’s a consideration we share, a kindness too. Somehow, all those years ago (babies that we were) we arrived at the top of the stairs fully aware of our individual shortcomings. I have come to believe that this awareness has helped us both be more accepting of each other and surely, more realistic about what we expect from one another. Oh, and we knew the value of laughter – wrote it right into our wedding vows!

Life can be very hard. Like every couple, we’ve been challenged and yet, we continue to make it through whatever comes our way. Whew.

Best of all? We’re still laughing!