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A Better Pace

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I’m back from vacation and quite happy to return to my normal routine. Since my husband retired I’ve noticed a thing or two about having time off. It’s taken on a different quality, one that I find surprisingly refreshing. With him free from the demands of teaching – try visiting a second grade for one day and you’ll know what I mean – life is just easier, more relaxed. Naturally, age has slowed us down a bit but the lack of a taxing career is energizing. The net result is a positive pace for our current lives. We don’t have to rush about on the weekends as we try to cram too much into a mere 48 hours. Our evenings are more fluid, free from pressure, and many, many phone calls. (He was a great teacher that way – the countless calls he made to parents each night, sharing both good and bad news about his charges.) Finally, I don’t seem to have a vacation letdown anymore. (I recall nearly being in tears when we left Hawaii years ago. Oh how I dreaded jumping back into our 24/7 lives!)  Sure, I’m still working but I’m doing what I love, when I want to … another benefit of age! How about you?

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