A Fresh Appearance

Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: My 28 year old daughter says I need a make-over, that my hair and clothes make me look older than my 56 years. She may have a point but I don’t want to look like someone who is trying to look too young for her age. I like the idea of a fresh look but I want someone closer to my own age to help me with it. Where do I begin?

A: What fun and how great it is that you are open to refreshing your appearance. Head straight to a major department store and look for a clerk closer to your age for some guidance. Show her what you’d normally select and then have her pick out some items for you. Take a deep breath and experiment! Don’t forget shoes! Really, a couple of snazzy summer shoes will literally put a spring in your step! Finally, a new haircut can also give you a boost. Tell your stylist about your “make-over”  idea. He/she knows you well enough to style something appropriate but fun. Go for it!