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A Live Look at Life After Fifty

Tracey Columns

Once upon a time, I had this idea … I would put on my very own show! It would be inspired by the letters and emails I get from you, dear readers. I imagined writing a script that would be thought provoking and funny. Mostly, funny. There would be music, singing, and even some dancing. (Remember, this is a comedy!) Really now, is there any better way to approach this business of aging?

How did I come up with something like this? It’s simple. I have a very long Bucket List, one that included writing song lyrics, trying my hand as a playwright, and having a starring role in a theatrical production. I did the math. With one show, I could check off all three things!

I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Valerie Gillet Bourne. Educated and experienced in every aspect of theater, this talented director, performer, and loyal friend, bravely agreed to join me in what was perhaps one of my more hair-brained ideas.

And what a process it was! We met regularly for months, each of us bringing our strengths to the process. I found creating something from nothing challenging and downright exciting. While I had a very clear idea of what I ultimately wanted to communicate to my audience, how to do it was an entirely different ball game. The two of us simply began to playing around with my vision, and slowly, very slowly, the script emerged. We also listened to countless public domain songs (no budget for royalties in this show) until we had found the perfect melodies for fresh lyrics.

Performing the show was even more fun! Listening to the audiences reactions, hearing people laugh in all of the right places, seeing smiling faces beyond the stage lights – yes, performances were the frosting on the cake!

And now, lucky us, we have been asked to perform “The Second Half, A Lively Look at Life After Fifty” again, as a benefit for Humboldt State’s wonderful OLLI Program. (This  time around we’ve made a few minor changes and added one short song. I can’t believe we missed the topic of this song in previous versions of the show!)

If you are over fifty, check out OLLI! I know I’ve touted their praises before but I believe they offer education at it’s very best. No grades, no tests, just like minded, motivated adults learning about the things that interest them!

Teaching for OLLI has been one of the highlights of my career, so naturally, I would happily teach for them again! In keeping with the spirit of my show, I will be teaching “What’s On Your Bucket List?”. What do you think of the whole Bucket List approach to life? Do you have one? Curious about how to write one? Or, maybe you have one but never seem to check anything off of it? If any of these questions ring true for you, join me for a fun and practical exploration of what you want to do in the second half of your life. I’ll teach you how to identify your goals, dreams, and passions and then, equally important, how to put them into practice.

Here’s another little bonus. register for my class and you’ll receive one ticket for my show! (However, if your Bucket List is already overflowing, you don’t need to take the class in order to see “The Second Half, A Lively Look at Life After Fifty.”)

It all takes place on Saturday, June 29. The class will be held from 10:00 – 1:00 in Eureka, CA. Curtain rises on my show that night at 8:00 pm at the delightful Arcata Playhouse, in Arcata, CA.

To register for the class and/or to reserve your ticket for the show, call OLLI at (707) 826-5880. I am happy to close with this bit of advice that, admittedly makes me smile … reservations are strongly recommended, as previous performances have sold out.

Hope to see you, at one place or the other … or both!

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